Monday 18 March 2013

Dear Heart

Dear Heart I was beginning to think my writing was getting a little irksome and it wasn't relating to who I am , I am no journalist and yes my grammar  grammar goes awry sometimes. The temptation to quote Yoda is quite, quite overwhelming "No ! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try" And yet I reminded to blog as you feel , except not to blog when angry. So perhaps I am trying too much , who knows we are all jostling for position in life.

But I do shoot straight from the hip that is just me , empowerment is key in this life and self promotion but not to the degree it starts to taint you. So I think stamping my feet in  a more positive matter is the ticket. Situations can make or break us but it is how you really deal with them that shows us the calibre of person we are.

I am reminded of when I was in hospital having J about to take him home after a quite traumatic pregnancy and the doctor came to give J the once over check.

"He's not got the crease in his hand he may have Downs Syndrome " said the junior doctor.

I was dumb struck it wouldn't have matter to me if he had downs syndrome he was still loved. But the feeling at the moment in time of complete helplessness was to much to bare. We found out later he didn't have Downs Syndrome but again if he had it would not have mattered. It did some what bring a sombre tone the joyous occasion of a happy occasion but again I and my husband just got on with our lives. Let the situation make you not break you.


  1. Some doctors really need to be aware that what they say has the power to make such a world of difference. Natty has DS of course, the the way the news was broken put us on a wobbly start.
    Much love H x

  2. A doctors rash words also hurt me, "you'll be dead by morning..." that sort of thing stays. Silly silly doctor.

    Nice to have you back btw :)

  3. we had the routine tests and was told daughter No2 had spina bifida but they could not (then anyway) tell the severity. we were offered a termination, which I refused, would love her anyway. When born she has the mark at the bottom of her back but that is it. Refused the test next time cos did not see the point of worrying if I was j=keeping anyway.


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