Monday, 22 April 2013

I do like Mondays

I don't like rude people for example when opening a door for someone manners cost nothing.

I dislike  getting wrong items over and over again from companies there is only so much you can laugh at. The company rearranges to have said articles taken away ,you pile said items outside your house ready for the council to take away . You blink when your neighbours pull up and they scuttle into their house with their private school child in tow. Your husband calls you ... Head half cocked you swear you can hear "Harold " being called as the front of your house now Steptoes yard.

You go and look at the cat vacuum video doing the rounds on you tube.

You laugh ...

You cry when the cat leaves a friend in the kitchen ..

You wonder if Mrs Vole is waiting the return of Mr Vole.

You sit waiting for Tesco to call ..

Bing Bong.

Hurrah the shopping is here.

Is your substitution ok?

Well I thought its a lot better than when I asked for Coronation Chicken but got egg mayonnaise instead, or when they tried to deliver 42 tubs of ice cream.

You wonder why the shopping doesn't put itself away.

And why do cats like boxes ?

You see blue skies and remind yourself that you like Mondays.


  1. Reminded me of when our cat decided to perch on an empty box to gain sanctuary from the dogs. Trouble was that it hadn't been closed in a 'cat proof' manner, and a very disgruntled Smoky let out a very undignified meow as she promptly fell in it!

  2. Must admit I like the foreign young men we have working with us, their manners far out weight the local males, open doors for you, courteous etc etc.
    Yes some of the replacements tesco have offered me has been so way off theme you wonder which planet these people come from

  3. I've never understood the substitutions, after a series of bizarre ones I got really specific in the notes of exactly what I would accept as a substitute.

    Mr Vole is in a better place now. With Mr Sparrow who one of our neighbours cats decided to leave on my patio. I wouldn't mind but I don't even have a cat, and he does nothing to scare away the pigeon that's been eating my grass seeds. I blame that cheeky black one that I found in my living room when we first moved in.


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