Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Call 999 it's the Tweenies

Today I am thinking about children's television , I am not going to indulge you with a trip down memory lane but the simple fact that these programmes can be quite quite influential in children's and our own lives.

I remember when my own son was small and the blessed  adorable "tweenies were on the as my Grandad called it the googly box . It's instrumental in delivering a moral, practical lesson without which our very souls would be at stake.

The particular episode that I remember watching when my son was what to do in a medical emergency . All the emergency services were covered then the really , really helpful bit how to call 999

So with all that really useful information buzzing around his little noggin , I set him down to play .. Yes you guessed went to play emergency services with his playmobil characters. After establishing that this was a rare "mummy moment " I escaped to the solace of a cup of tea. I was gone a nano second but as we all know in "mummy" world that's like ten years.

So after my cup of tea I went to see how the little cherub was doing.. I could hear loud voices( these were not in my head) so it was thumbs up for interactive play. So I popped my head around the door and my son was quietly talking to his playmobil . But I could still hear but what was now quite angry voices this time coming from my bedroom, the phone was off the hook.

"What service does Milo Twenie need?"

OH @@@@ my son had called the emergency services for Milo from the Tweenies.

I grabbed the phone and explained and apologised ...

They were somewhat understanding .....

I went to my sons room just as I approached the door I heard him say

"Don't worry Milo they firemen will be here soon"

Bless .... Just Bless


  1. thats one of the issues of teaching your children how to do these useful things, sometimes they do them at the wrong time.
    TV can be educational, and one day this may save somebodies life so well worth knowing.

  2. Oh gosh I wonder how many calls they had that day! I bet it happens a lot, but they have to take it seriously - you're always hearing about some toddler who's saved his mother's life! Thanks for joining in x

  3. Well at least he knows how to call the emergency services if he should ever need to...... and it gave you something to blog about!! lol I loved this xx

  4. And you could have had some nice uniformed men turn up at your house :) Always a bonus!

  5. That is so cute and the plus to take away is that he would know what to do in an emergency :)

  6. I remember that episode lol - now my eldest is a teenager I can have my tea in peace :)

  7. Thankfully we haven't had this happen, but I can imagine how it could so easily.

  8. Haha, what a lovely story, bless x
    I can see my boys doing things like this too :)


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