Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bloggy Woggy Dodahs

"Bloggy Woggy Doodahs" as my husbands says when I embark upon a blogging jaunt , not quite sure he gets it?! He perhaps thinks (he doesn't really) that my heads up in the clouds...

So last week I went to blog camp.. What's that I feel a present of a blogging overlord who is telling me that my blogging soul is at risk if I don't correct myself and tell you it was Blog Summit . Please do NOT say "Blog Summit" in a streetwise voice.

I met up with a group of bloggers at Birmingham New Street , at first I wasn't sure where they were but  Annie from Mamasurus who was beaming ear to ear sporting a "Geek" jumper . I am not quite sure what you call a collection of bloggers ? If I don't mention you all by name please forgive me ...

So after arriving at Blog Summit there was cake ...   cake is good , friendships confirmed new and old, a name to a face and a face to a blog. I spied my buddy Wendy Macdonald we had been to Blog Camp as it was then a long while ago, we were on the naughty row.

Blogging is fun, blogging is a mystery waiting to be discovered , shyness is my enemy but friendship battles forth and wins me over.

A beautiful collection of ladies I'll think you'll agree winning my shyness over with their friendship.

The first session was a how to use your camera properly even though I had forgotten my DSLR ( first blogger fail of the day!) but none the less I used my camera phone to capture a number of images.

Not bad pictures I think . I hijacked Geekdaddy and we had a long conversation , he really helped my photography (white balance was a problem in a number of my pictures) and he gave some very useful tips thanks Geekdaddy!! the other half of Geekmummy.

Sometimes life can deal you lemons ...

But you can go ahead and just make lemonade!

Another session saw SEO come into play and me asserting myself by asking a question, much nodding of heads and agreement that I am indeed unique and a anomaly ! Very insightful and much for my technophobic head to get around.

Last session was brand awareness which pretty much speaks for itself culminating that both blogger and PR must show each other respect. The farewell speech ended on a high with my old "mate" Andy (Motty) Cope, teaching us to be brilliant and that when we wake up in the morning being grateful that we don't have tooth ache. That we need to be BRILLIANT and ignore the "mood" hoovers we all know them it's how we deal with them that makes a difference to our lives. 

We did a envelope swapping which saw us getting another blogger to write a guest post for hopefully in the not so distant future. Then it was farewells for some and knees up for others , I was in the knees up lot until my asthma kicked in and I didn't mention it so had to bail early. I have since learnt I should not keep my problems to myself !

I need a sign making that says "Bloggers at social media play do not disturb!"

Thanks to Cat Parrott for letting me come to the blogger shindigs!


  1. Im glad you braved it and went, a huge big WELL DONE to you. Sounds like a lot of info was given to absorb. Good luck with putting into practice what you learnt.

  2. Sounds great! I must try and go next time.

  3. What a great post and I love how it looks like Donna is drinking my cider.
    Lovely to meet you :)

    1. Is it sad I recognise Pinkys hand? Lol

    2. Not at all , always great to see you !

    3. Greta to meet you , you are very friendly and accommodating.


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