Friday, 24 May 2013

Cheese and crackers

Today is my husbands birthday .

Today was my supermarket delivery.

On Tuesday the supermarket tried to deliver 24 blocks of cheese and 2 tubs of margarine, bemused I sent it back. I hadn't placed this order.

1. I had no crackers.

2. I had no pickle.

On Wednesday I placed an ordered for a romantic Chinese and wine evening along with some floor cleaner. I tell you romance is't dead in this household ....

So come today which is ( counts on fingers Friday) what turned up on my doorstep which I hadn't ordered .. You guessed it "Bloody cheese" again. 

Once I was past the sobbing stage I sent the cheese back, I was informed my Chinese order wasn't coming despite an email to the contrary . I rang my husband  to inform him "Can you please pick up your own birthday meal"

So 5 phone calls later I am still trying to sort it out , hoping I haven't been charged for 48 blocks of cheese and 4 tubs of margarine. I am also praying I haven't been charged for the Chinese food that never turned up.

Anyone for a giant fondue party ???

OOOh the supermarket that will be Online retailer of the year: Tesco.....


  1. I could eat it for you, but that's a really bizarre order they've made up in their tiny little supermarket minds, isn't it? And twice?

    Rollie hasn't been on your computer has he? That said, if he had it would probably be 24 cans of tuna and 2 tubs of beheaded sparrows.

  2. Have you tweeted Tesco and ask them what the sweet buggery heck is going on?

  3. I'm giving up on supermarket deliveries.I double check my shopping before going to the check out and then when I get confirmation that my order has been placed and still something turns up that I didn't order.

  4. Macaroni cheese. Cheese on toast. Fondue. Cauliflower cheese. Cheese and onion pie. Cheesey mash. Cheesey baked eggs. Cheese croquettes. Erm.... cheese curry? Cheese stir fry? The possibilities are (almost) endless.

  5. Mmm cheese.

    Sorry, that wasn't very helpful.

    I hope you get it sorted and soon.

  6. Do yourself a favour; clear the cache on the browser you use for your online shopping. We had a similar issue and it turned out that the website was effectively saving random items and adding them to our order, hence the accumulation of cheese, I assume.

  7. This is some freaky stuff.... maybe they have too much cheese?!

  8. Crackin' cheese, Gromit!
    did you get this sorted out ok? these simply seems bizarre!


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