Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Walkers Hoops and Crosses The Review

Today a package arrived.

Which in this household is not unusually culminates with " Oh its for you again " and the family goes about doing their usual routine. That is except when it comes to food and this package was food. I am meant to tell you how tasty the package is , except I can't ..

The child ate them.

SO in a game show voice  " have a look at what you could have won"

  • Each bag has 85 calories 
  • Hoops and Crosses are made from wholegrains, have no artificial colours or preservatives 
  • They come in three flavours – all suitable for vegetarians (prawn cocktail, roast beef, salt and vinegar) 

Crisps are not a regular in our household they are a treat , its important to have a healthy diet and do plenty of exercise.

I think you can play a game with these of noughts and crosses with the winner obviously taking all the spoils of war, this is perhaps what I should have done with the teen but then again I haven't won at tiddlywinks since 1982.

And Walkers Hoops and Crosses are baked not fried so are healthier and at only 85 calories I don't feel cheated or rather I wouldn't if I had managed to nab  a crisp. I shall be putting these on my shopping list  and maybe not declare to the child that I have indeed purchased them.

The cat also got in on the act and decided to try and sit in the box ...

The cat is rather daft ... do they say pets are like their owners ?

I was sent a packet of Walkers Hoops & Crosses to review along with a toy monkey.  This is a sponsored post.  We were paid for our time. All opinions are entirely  my own and I am not obligated to give a positive review.


  1. I wonder how many vegetarians would want to buy beef crisps? Interesting concept.
    I'm not sure I'm keen about my kids playing with their crisps either - gosh I never knew I was so fussy!

  2. yes I raised that same question on FB pinkoddy, but the people that replied said that did not matter to them as long as they were animal free.

  3. We love them here, especially the prawn cocktail variety, and they are also available in our local pound shop.

  4. Jane Middleton8 May 2013 at 21:52

    I've seen them in the shops, but haven't tried them. Might be something I would enjoy - I like wholegrain snacks, a healthier alternative to the traditional crisps.

  5. I got the crisps in my household....kids were too busy fighting over the monkey! Tbh I wasn't that keen, the beefy flavour was a bit too strong....proved by kids nibbling on my leftovers later but not finishing them either.
    Great that they are a healthy option though and I will look out for them in other flavours for the lunch boxes.
    I have one gripe about the packaging that it all came in. I thought it was incredibly excessive...I know the majority of us recycle these days and it will most likely be reused at some point in the future, but just why use it all in the first place?
    I'm not a recycling freak and you won't find me in the supermarket juggling tomatoes to save buying some in a pack.....but I found that incredibly wasteful and a bit of a shame.


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