Sunday 23 June 2013

Britmums I came , I saw I conquered

Britmums I went with anticipation despite having gone before , I really was scared witless at the event it's a melting pot of people , personalities not everyone will necessarily like each other for what ever reason. But even if you end up being next to someone you ( or they )don't see eye to eye with (yourself )or if you see someone from afar being at Britmums forces you into being together.

And it's a real testament to yourself and other people to be polite not a false politeness but a professional what I say blogging attitude. After all don't worry about what you can't change, concentrate on what you can.

Some sessions those perhaps of the keynotes will and do take you out of your comfort zone upsetting yes but without social and personal challenge sometimes we will not grow ourselves.and there is no shortage of blogging friends that will offer you a shoulder to cry or just a hug. Now I am not a huggy person but I seem to have been hugged left right and centre, now usually I would recoil from such a situation but not this time as it was a social solidarity.

I have fears

Of course I do ..

After all I am only human

And I was Ill at Britmums (I really was) 

I hope no one reads anything into this.

I try my best and always will.

I'm marmite to some people I really am.

But Britmums friends become like family.

"Death by social media " I'm trying my very best not to.

Coming to grips with situations I cannot change.

I want to live my life not fight against it!

Britmums for me pulls these threads together as thoughts are very much like threads jumbled in a mess quite a lot of the time and it's a social situation like Britmums that weaves them together.

I hope this makes sense.

And I'll see you next year.


  1. Hope the wrong train didn't take you on too much of a detour? You looked exhausted by the end of Saturday, bless you! But glad to hear it was a good experience for you. Was great getting chance to say hi in person to you! See you next year x

  2. As a new blogger and tweeter, after reading all the comments, I'm really looking forward to going next year xxx

  3. Oooh next year - I shall make sure you are on my list.
    I did not know you are not a buggy person - I so am (erm you may have noticed).
    Great to see you again and looking forward to our next meet :O)

  4. You looked very calm and confident to me and you should be proud of yourself as it is a really big deal! Lovely to meet you

  5. Sooo lovely to meet you. It will be so much easier to stalk you next year now that I know what you look like ;D

  6. I think you looked like hot stuff! I always enjoy meeting up with you :) You're a great lady and your cards are a bit fab!! xxxx

  7. I think it's great to keep challenging yourself... makes you feel better to know everyone is in the same situation right ;) x I missed it this year but I AM THERE NEXT YEAR WITH BELLS ON. ;) I think you should bring your cat too... lol xxx

  8. Lovely to see you again. :-) social media marmite... That phrase could catch on. Sorry I didn't chat as much x

  9. I like marmite :-) sorry I didn't really get to speak to you - I was in shock you weren't a cat ;-) x

  10. Another lovely person I didn't find! Really hope being unwell didn't stop you enjoying yourself and hope I bump into you next year! xx


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