Tuesday 25 June 2013

Top 5 tips for blogging

Bloggers are like a coffee shop they are popping up every where , why alone as I am typing this a blog is popping about about some genre or other. I have been blogging 2 years now and I still don't understand it all, bloggers are always swapping tips as is natural. Blogging can be confusing especially to an outsider it need not be; so what advice would I give to a newbie blogger so here are my five tops tips though I can see it being longer than 5 tips.

1. Know what you are going to write about, don't blog angry or cross and if you do feel like doing that write the blog post in draft and read it back another day when you are calm. And if you have no idea what to write about just take the most common of things and perhaps blog about that the weather, time , messy rooms when you get thinking there is no shortage of ideas.

Just go crazy with your ideas.

2. Find a platform you are happy on with me, it's Blogger I am know what I am doing , I think and yet when I have problems I said to me " abandon it" and go to wordpress. Though if I had persevered with Wordpress those people would have been saying abandon Wordpress and go to Blogger. Find what platform you want to blog with and stick with it unless it becomes so annoying then change , whatever you do you will find no shortage of people wanting to help.

3. Mix it up I can not stress this enough mix up it up don't have a string of review after review ( that said there are such blogs than are excellent with this as they come at the topic with a truly personal and unique perspective.)

4. Don't get bogged down in stats and comments , though I bet a penny to a pound in a hour I'll be lamenting woo is me no one has commented. Seriously though as much as comments feel like you are being appreciated for what you do, some where someone. Make your blog post sticky with keywords so say if its about tea then perhaps extend it to the best tea to drink in the morning etc , etc.

5 DON"T worry about about fusion of  ideas for either a title,a theme or blog posts etc  just look at mine its cat, food, parenting reviews etc you might think the fusion idea won't work it will. Though having said that I have since discovered that Hoison duck on a pizza with slices of cucumber and Soy sauce is more CONfusion than my little tummy can handle.


  1. Think you're right to say that it's not good to get too bogged down with figures. Easier said than done though.

  2. Love your glasses!!

    You're absolutely right about the figures. First & foremost blogging is for ME, my memories, my family & all that, the figures perk up my day, but they'r not the reason for the post.

  3. Loving the glasses! Primarni??


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