Thursday, 25 July 2013

Calling Out For a Home Improvement Hero

"Calling for a hero, I 'm holding out for a hero" sounds a bit like a song that .. scratches head any way I have a spot in my house that is one of those areas you just ignore well you try anyway.The area in my kitchen it has space for a little table and chairs but really with 2 cats and various other kitchen clobber that really isn't possible. so I wanted to inject some coffee bar style into my kitchen making my kitchen some where more than just some where where I just go to make a cup of tea in and a glass of white wine.

Preparation is always key in DIY I used to be one for just slapping on the paint  but as my husband has often pointed out this just doesn't work and you need to prepare the surface and protect the surrounding area you are going to work on and around. I know he's right but please don't tell him that , I have to admit I am one of those people after he's done the DIY  I point at what he's done and say the well worn phrase " You've missed a bit"

I thought of many ideas painting a cistern chapel mural on my kitchen ceiling wasn't going to be one of them. So that's when I had a brain wave and again without out consulting my husband I ordered a breakfast bar with the intention of dividing the labour I paint the kitchen wall and he constructs the breakfast bar.

This is a competition entry for Home Improvement Hero by MoneySupermaket

All the junk I cleared away from where I was going to put the breakfast bar !

Freshly painted surface.

The breakfast bar was £60 from eBay but I didn't mind putting £10 to it and I already had the paint in the garage as I am prone to  essential  whimsical purchases of paint ....

Disclosure ( I was given £50 for the purposes for this improvement by Money supermarket all thoughts, words and opinions are my own)


  1. Wow that looks great! I have so many things I need to do around the house but I am always too busy blogging!

  2. will it be used to eat breakfast on or become a dumping ground for rubbish?

    1. Hopefully to eat breakfast and to store useful items and not be over cluttered.


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