Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Air travel The Gin Edition

Air travel is an ubiquitous affair , you want to travel places therefore you have to place yourself in a flying tin can. Air travel has come on leaps and bounds since I travelled as an Infant in a rickety old Dakota from the outer Hebrides to England. Travel promises the world , well of course it does otherwise it wouldn't be travel would it now.

What I see from air travel now is a world I want to immerse myself within , the only time I came close to first class travel was when an air stewardess threw a Gin and Tonic over me resulting in me wearing a pair of first class pyjamas. They were black pyjamas so the slimming effect was on my side there , only problem was they made me look like an escaped convict.

So on my latest jaunt which was to Orlando Florida I experienced a frightening experience it really properly, defiantly , undeniably was not the best idea to watch the film Flight again. If you haven't guessed it already I am a nervous flyer , but I didn't want to watch Bond and the hairy feet film The Hobbit so I plumped for the film that would add to my nerves. There's nothing like facing your fears full on is there now , travelling in a plane you get buffered around like a lightly tossed airline Caesar salad, turbulence is part of air travel . 

But when around 40 minutes of me watching the film flight the seat belt sign came on .. when I am flying I never undo my belt except for the obvious toilet break. We hit turbulence and dropped over 100ft it threw cabin crew off their feet , and it was a very scary moment , i know there will be people with worse.

The flight back what can I say ...

Apparently the beef stew had two pieces of beef in it , my butter milk chicken was chicken korma and the key line pie was verging on the ridiculous. Oh and I thought I 'd try and watch that film again until there was a fire somewhere in Manchester blocking our flight path , resulting in us circling twice think rollercoaster  and that's what it was like.

Do I need to watch the film ?? Flight 


  1. I love that first photo. Gin Atlantic sounds like my kind of airline!

  2. Oh blimey! You'd think they would ban films like that from flights!

  3. It least it wasn't "snakes on a plane"!? Cracking photo though.... GIN Atlantic


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