Friday, 13 September 2013

Ranty Friday School cost

Yes its that subject again.

Schools cost.


This week its a French book, Cookery stuff, cookery text books, finishing off paying for Paris , music lessons, PE activities.

Granted there was a free option with PE which was fitness and bouncing on a trampoline, but my child wanted the football option at £17

The rugby tour is £499 and the music lessons are £8 a week , the cookery books are £8 and the French books £2.50.

Then there is the special PE kit you have to wear when doing your GCSE's all good stuff. I only hope he get a jolly good job after University has bled me try in the years to come. And that in doing all that I hope he will put me into a nice care home after all as he says....

"Be nice to me I get to choose your care home"

Suppose its my fault for living in a nice area but a top notch state school. I've not added the costs up because I think if I did I would fall down and never recover. Hats off to parents who have more than one child and juggle costs .. I have a feeling deep in my bones there is going to be another French trip. I could say no that would be the sensible thing to do but I remember not going on a trip my parents or rather my mum wouldn't let me. I was sure they could afford it as we weren't poor it was one of those trips that not going on broke my heart as it was a trips that all my school mates bonded on and pushed me further away from them.

SO you see I may rant but I letting J live his dream because not letting go I clip his wings.


  1. My girls are still at primary school so it's only a few pound here and there...I'm dreading secondary school!

  2. granddaughter has come home with a lot this year,and Daughter does not want to say no because "everybody else is going", I often wonder if they just all go because everybody else is going and if 1 or 2 said no then more would.
    But as you say they want to fit in and be par of it , I also remember never getting to go on trips, my mums reasoning being ( as like you I was a forces child) we may not be here when the trip happens, I remember many a time being left behind while everybody else went.

  3. TBH, and I do feel bad, my oldest never bought home the letters for the French trip, etc, because he knew I could take the whole family over for less (and did). Yes I will gladly swap you my going back to school bill - the oldest's bus pass is £970 alone each year.

  4. Shocking isnt it?

    Wait until your son comes home from school and asks to go on the Kenya trip which is £3,500. Not including all the kit that costs another £1000!

  5. We should all laugh when they say that our children are entitled to free state school education because it isn't free. From the cost of uniform, book bags, school trips and after school activities it's enough to make you cry. But I do believe as you do, I want to encourage my children to do the most they can so they can truly discover what is out there.


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