Thursday 17 October 2013



It's a rare thing.

But I'm finally quite relaxed.

I don't mind my picture being taken now. 

No matter how silly I look ! I know I've got to lose more weight BUT

I am accepted for who I am.

People seem to like my blog.

There will always be that .1 of worry I wouldn't be human otherwise.

There are situations, people that either don't like me or the fact my hair wouldn't grow long that I've accepted.

There is someone for everyone ...

So do you like the newer relaxed me ....

If not .1 of me will worry.


  1. Very well said and yes there will always be that someone in life, but the best policy is definitely to get on with it and smile x great photo

  2. It's a massive thing becoming that comfortable in your own skin. I love ya whether you're relaxed & confident or a bundle of nerves & crazy. I'm the latter & need someone who understands!

    And the 'tashe suits you!

  3. Being more relaxed has got to be good. I find a lot more seems to go my way when I can be relaxed.

  4. Loved this post, Claire!
    It's taken me until I'm in my 40's to like myself. It's always good when it happens. It's one less fight!
    I actually understand your 'moods' and when you're down, I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a hug. x
    I love you & your fab blog!

  5. There can be nothing tougher nor more rewarding than true self acceptance.

  6. A friend of mine always says ' this is me - I don't wear a disguise' I think it's good saying!!
    Nice to see what you look like!! :)

  7. I've got to say I hate having my photo taken - I have to be looking wonderful for me not to mind and, as that is a very rare occurrence, I'm pretty camera shy. I have no problems with self confidence, even though I badly need to lose weight, so just colour me seriously camera-shy ;o)

  8. contentment is a wonderful thing, sometime easy to establish but also sometimes difficult to maintain (wow I am getting far too profound!)

  9. I read something recently that went something like "at first we wonder whether people will like us. Then one day we wonder whether we will like people". I think it's a nice place to be when we stop worrying whether we are liked. I'd say .1 of worry is excellent :)

  10. Loving the new contented you but then I loved the old you too xx


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