Saturday, 26 October 2013

Secret Garden

How would I use £750 to transform my garden well I would transform mine into a Secret Garden one akin to that straight out of the class children's book by Frances Hodgeson Burnett. Its no secret that I look the countryside and the secretive nooks and crannies that hide within its secretive woods and glens.

I am surrounded by green , winding lanes , prowling woods , chocolate box cottages and houses, quality streets are all around me. My own garden alas is no up to this countryside haven that I find myself seeking solace in the bird song and nurturing nature as I nurture my soul.

My own garden is one of a modern house a lawn but my borders are shrubs while I am grateful for having plans that grow there is no obvious injection of colour it's as if the garden has an objection to colour. My garden is no longer home to various children s playthings but it hasn't adapted to a house with a teen either , also there is a neglected decking hiding ashamed in the corner.

I want a secret garden that I can lose myself in , one as a family we can come together in one where there is a garden within a garden. I want to create a focal point from a pathway one that promotes intrigue.

Promoting intrigue and adventure.

I want willowy grass area so I can see the wind bend the grasses and hear the gentle rustle.

I want areas that will capture nature and invite it in ...

I crave an area that holds itself up as a frame for a ingenious painting of nature.

I would love the colour of the seaside within my garden in harmony with the willowy grass area.

I am in love with the triumphant arches make ushering you into rapture.

I would love to hear the symphony of water playing music upon my ears....

Pipe dreams that could be , will be , won't be who knows.

But with £750 I wouldn't do my own garden I would transform my schools reception playground area . I would choose a fun play house that encourages imaginative play such as this with the animal chalkboard shapes attached on the outside.

Excellant for encouraging fine motor skills and pincer grip essential for handwriting development.

No outdoor space would be complete without a sand and water play provision such as this.

Also perhaps a seesaw 

There is some money left over and the children could choose something themselves in fact they could make all the decisions as is only right its their future after all.

My school is my 'other' family and I want to do the best by my school family always and forever.

  • “This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition”

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  1. what a beautiful post, I was walking round your Secret Garden with you during my journey through your blog post, recognise most of the pictures but beautifully incorporated.
    How lovely an idea, transforning the school garden, good luck with your entry. Just think the equipment would be well tested and easy to write reviews on afterwards.


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