Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mornings What Do They Say To You ?

Mornings what do they say to you ?

I know that some or most of you are running around at this time after your children  or getting ready for work.

My child who is a teen tends to look after himself.

Conservations are so " Brush the back of your head"

Met with an "ehh"

"What subjects have you got today ?"

"eeeeh , eeeeeh , huuuuh  ... science"

"Don't squeeze the cat , it's not a teddy bear"

"Meow... hisssss"

"Owwwh "

As the cat upsails my leg in  a cross manner and I am not the one to blame.

"We are going to eat out at a garden centre"

"eeeh , bleugh , grumble"

"What did you say?

"NOTHING it doesn't matter"

"What did you  say ?" repeat this process x 10

"Did you say you aren't bothered?"

"humhh , errmr rarrrr"

"Don't mutter under your breath"

"I need money please"

"OOOh now you have the powers of clear speech it's miracle "

And then when the house is silent , I step out into the glow of the morning sun. When he is gone is years to come I am going to miss the grunts, beeps and huuhs.


  1. Mornings are far too loud with a seven and eight year old. I am looking forward to the day when I need not raise my voice

  2. hahaha, oh gosh I'm not looking forward to having teens in the house.

  3. Beautiful picture- very peaceful.

  4. I long for silence. I have a 2 and 3 year old who never stop talking.

  5. Gorgeous picture! I totally agree, annoying at the time, but we're going to miss it one day! x

  6. LOL, my daughter didn't really do the grunt stage, I expect things will be different with my two boys though!

  7. Wow, I absolutely love that photograph...beautiful.

  8. my mornings are full of baby babbles at the moment, perfect! I dont want it to end, but I do also want her to talk, at some point!

  9. LMBO - it's amazing they always master the power of speech where money is involved ;-)

  10. This morning was a rare 8am wake up from the toddler so I made scrambled eggs ready for when he woke and pottered around whilst the baby slept. Soon he will be a teenager, I just know it!

  11. This made me chuckle. I'm far from the teen stage yet and so don't have any silence or grunts yet. My kids are always talking, singing, laughing or shouting it seems.

  12. preferred to be a fairy was being born......anyway I digress.
    The teenage grunts and mumbles and cursing.....I remember it well. well I did do it 5 times.
    I think the most irking thing is you are giving them the benefit of your advice made up from your experiences, but they go ahead and do the exact opposite regardless. I suppose they are making their own memories and experiences to pass the wisdom onto their kids and be ignored.
    Lots of tension in Fifi's house this week, she is driving both parents up the wall.

  13. I love my busy house - with an 11y/o and an 8 y/o it's rarely quiet and when it is, I'm suspicious ;-)

  14. Haha! I'm one of those people who want my bread buttered on both sides. I love having my family around, but usually as more of a background murmur than in my face so I can get on with my writing. I used to beat myself up for not 'doing more' with them, but I've realised we don't all have to be completely 'hands-on'. I'm content just to know they're there and they're happy. That picture is so tranquil - I DO love mornings... so full of potential!

  15. I like mornings... maybe because most of the time I am the first to be up and it is nice and quiet :-)

  16. Mornings with our 4 and 2 year old are loud, involve lots of chasing, yelling, colouring and last minute toilet trips when you're already 5 minutes late!

  17. Hahahaha my son can already be like this and he's only 6!


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