Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Daffodils Waves I think of you

Sometimes I think I am rather like a Daffodil bending this way or rather but the more I look at I realise a Daffodil does it own thing. I have tried to bend to peoples will but in the end I just snap and that really isn't me, folk don't always quite understand me. I can be quite tigerish , bouncy and over friendly strange I know but that IS what an introvert can do.

You over compensate not failings but shyness , vurnabilities I can shine bright in a room like a daffodil but then again can recoil. I feel at times that I don't quite belong that I am misplaced in time. I also find it strange that folk like me but they see a uniqueness in me that I just need to see in myself more.

Things I know :

I need to strive forward more .

I  have a successful blog .

I have more friends than I realise.

I can cook.

I can sing.

I am good at history.

I can speed read.

Things I need to learn :

I can not be a friend to all.

To like olives.

To like tomatoes.

To like Radishes.


  1. This is lovely and sort of sad at the same time x

  2. well I cant sing, Im crap at history, and speed reading is not my thing, but regardless my grandchildren love me!!
    I have to ask how do you think liking olives, tomatoes and radishes is going to enhance your life? Dont mind tomatoes but cant stand the others.

  3. You take nice photos as well!
    For what it's worth, I like you for who you are. I think we're alike in many ways...a couple of square pegs trying to fit into round holes...
    Be yourself because you are pretty amazing.
    For those who don't get you. Sod em. x

  4. This is a very honest post. You do have a wonderful blog and I always enjoy reading it. Everyone is different. Tracy's advice is great, be yourself!


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