Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tales From WI And Beyond

Yesterday I went back to WI.

In fact I joined.

The phrase I used mostly at the start of the evening was " I know I was missed , I know I was mentioned in the committee meeting "

I forgot my 25 p for tea and cake. ( I don't think this will count against me )

The collective age of the WI is the highest number you can think of and times it by infinity, yet these ladies are rather sprightly folk. The talk was rather illuminating as it was on music therapy bit of a shame that some of the ladies couldn't hear it despite turning up their hearing aids. For a music therapist the lady didn't bring an external speaker to make sure the sound from the laptop was audible for those who can hear when cake is being put out and not the speech from a slide show.

Music Therapy is a beautiful therapy the lady concentrates on working with adoptive children in her work and it is a specialist area hammered by lack of funding.

For now I am the youngest.

They've not cottoned on that I can't sew , not yet,  everyone this is a situation I shall have to remedy rather quickly.

Give it 40 years and I will be the one turning up my hearing aid though I suspect by there any lectures will be delivered by hologram or 3D.


  1. I hear the WI is getting younger, may be not the one you go to :) Have fun x

  2. Is WI- Womens Institute? is that like a class where women gather together? i dont know much about it)

  3. I love the flower embroidery that you did :-) x

  4. I tried our local WI, but it wasn't for me

  5. I have a hankering to join something like the WI. I'm not sure if I would fit in but you do make it sound like lot of fun!

  6. Your embroidery is gorgeous. I'd quite like to try the WI too, and I've also heard that there are lots of groups with younger members too. I hope you enjoy it.

  7. I wish we had a WI near me. I have also heard that ladies in their 20's are joining now too

  8. LOL, when I saw the title of this post and the first few sentences, I thought WI stands for Wisconsin. This WI soudns great even for me, though I'm in my twenties.

  9. Have fun, great organisation to join

  10. There is one just 2 min away from my house. I was wondering about joining it for years now...

  11. I've always wondered about the WI. My Mum went a couple of times with a friend and said it was always very welcoming. x

  12. i've never come across one near me but have heard lots of good things about them x


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