Friday, 25 July 2014

5 Top Things to Do In Washington DC

I want to go with all my heart and soul to Washington DC next year for a family holiday , I am passionate about travelling it fills my heart and soul with memories. When a few years ago my computer lost many pictures from a Florida visit I was devastated but I know the memories are with me the fact that I can't show people is sad but I can pain a picture with my words.

I have read about Washington DC, I have seen the films , I have read books and yet the place is magical to me that is the wonder of travel you don't actually see the place tip you get to go. When someone tell you of  Washington as piece of Washington DC goes into my soul. There are many places that I wish to go and it will be a family road trip. I would like to take my usual photography equipment but I would also like to take a little Polaroid camera so my teen take little snaps and start a memory board just before he goes to university in a few years and he can remember those family times. You see now my sentimentality is coming out but don'tl tell my son that otherwise he will think I have gone soft !

Where do I want to visit well my top 5 is as follows

1. Smithsonian are a mind-blowing 17 museums here and I don't think I can cover them all in my lifetime! Yes I love the series Bones ! . I would have to make sure on a first visit that I go to the National Air And Space museum.

2.Whitehouse  and the other government buildings which are goes with out saying ! I would really like to be part of the Whitehouse's Easter egg hunt ! I also want to explore the U.S Capitol building and the U.S supreme court.

3. Arlington cemetery and pay my respects to the many brave souls that have fought and died for peace it doesn't matter that I am not American respect and honour will still be give. This is just outside of the Washington D.C.

4. George Town is the capital's historic waterfront and is a bustling and thriving area full of activity. There I aim to take a tour of the historic sites , enjoy a meal in one of the many multi cultural restaurants and shop shop shop if Mr T will let me.

5. We will take a tour of the national memorials and monuments ! I do think I have seen one to many spy thrillers and no doubt my imagination will be going on over drive. We simply must say HI to Abraham lincoln !

Do you have any other suggestions where I should go  ?


  1. I've never been to Washington D.C So I'm afraid I can't offer any more suggestions, but I do agree that travelling is a wonderful way to create lasting memories. My favourite ever trip was to Thailand full of amazing culture, food and people. Sadly, we too lost all of our pictures but we really hope to return next yet. Thankfully, like you say, the memories remain inside your mind, but I was heartbroken to have lost all the pictures we took.

  2. I'm now paranoid about losing photographs that I seem to have to try and back them up every way I can.

  3. Washington is somewhere I would really love to visit.


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