Tuesday, 8 July 2014

No one likes a sad bunny #depression

No one likes a sad bunny.

Not literally that no one likes a sad bunny but depression.

I thought the other day "We can't all be Stephen Fry" where he seems to get the understanding but then I realised it's bringing depression into the public area, and I adore Stephen Fry he is a witty and intelligent fellow and we all handle depression in our own way.

Then there was Bill Oddie who said that celebrities were making mental illness fashionable , everyone is entitled to their opinion for all the people that will agree there will be those who don't.

This is where I say "My name is Claire and I have depression "


"I don't except you to understand."

"I don't except you to care."

"I have low self esteem & self confidence  "

"I am weirding you out "

"Weirding out that situation where I try to explain myself, the more I do , the worse I dig my hole"

"Friends walking away , is hard to handle "

"Knowing I am liked and have friends helps me"

"When my world is rocked feeling out of control like friends walking away or me  worrying about the littlest thing"

"You can't handle my depression , you've problems of your own"

"Knowing I will be ok "

I am learning to have empathy with people in a smiler boat or those who have similar problems.

Remember you can help friends and family with depression.

Disclosure "I realised I should have used the phrase black dog but whilst the black dog is the universally know figure for depression I am much more at home with a sad bunny it fits my humour"


  1. I think the more people who talk about this the better, so thank you for bringing your voice

  2. I think you just have to listen. Know that if these people can't handle you then you need to just step away. Sorry I've taken so long to comment it's just been a manic week. Hugs to you.


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