Monday, 11 August 2014

Best Butter Chunk Biscuits

May I introduce Rachel who blogs over Eternally28 at she is a lovely lady who works in education , and understands when I say things about school etc. She is in ace cook and knits for England *well if they gave out medals for knitting then she would win one. So please take the time to read the post and comment. 

Now then, the very lovely Claire invited me to bore the wot sits off all her 
zillions of equally lovely readers by writing a guest post! How posh! A guest 
post! Little old me!! 

So I'm blogging up a biscuity piece all about some biscuits I made. These 
biscuits were very buttery. I say were, because I've blooming well eaten them 
all! They were good. They should have been. There was a FULL. BLOCK. OF. BEST. 

The recipe was taken and adapted from this sweet little baking book I got from 
the Bookman at work. We have a few Bookmen. They are basically men who bring 
books. Sometimes from The Book People and sometimes from other similar 
establishments. The Bookmen are very patient with us as work, often making 
several repeat trips because non of us ever have any money on us when they 
deliver the orders. I'm waffling now... 

Oh. I need to add a photo here. Hang on. 

This is the recipe I based mine on. 
Except I had these to use up instead of white choc chunks. 

I weighed out my sugars 

Added that full block of best butter I was telling you about and popped the lot 
into Beryl ( my darling Kitchen Aid Mixer - she's Boysenberry! ) and she creamed 
them together like a sweetheart. Nothing is any bother for Beryl. 
Next I had to add some vanilla essence. But I didn't have any! ( this is why my 
bakes are only ever based on recipes! I used this, which I got from Lakeland 
ages ago. 

 I've also got a strawberry one, a raspberry one and a yet to be used custard 
one! Delicious! Anyway a few drops of this went in with an egg. Then folded in 
the plain flour 
and bicarb and this little lot of calorie's nuggets 

Then heaped teaspoons were put into well greased baking sheets with room for 
spreadage. If you make n eat these you'll definitely need room for spreadage - 
it's why God invented ELASTICATED Waists!! 

In they went to a hottish oven 
 And out they came ten minutes later - I reckon eight minutes would have been 

You have to let them cool on the tray for a wee while. Then wait until 
completely cold before devouring them. It does say in the book, best eaten on 
the day. 

Warning, if taken off the tray too soon they fall apart 

But I think the broken ones taste even better!!! 

So there's my first post I've ever blurbed my way through for someone else! 

Thank you Claire xx 


  1. Lol Claire, not all the photos appeared!! So when I say...I used 'this' - there's nothing there!!! Thanks for having me :-)

  2. Sorry, readers of Claire's blog, there was a step by step photo for each little paragraph which is why I sound like a bit of a lunatic!!

  3. It still sounds like a yummy thing to make lol


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