Friday, 29 August 2014

Starting School & Nursery Tips

Many children start school and they have only just hit four which I find utterly amazing compared to other countries where it is 6 they start and they seem to fare no worse. Reception is very much an extension of nursery but putting in place even more structure , so by the time they are into year 1 they will be writing stories and amazing everyone around them.

Many are coming to school nowadays with a lack of social skills and I am not here to blame anyone , but the lack of skills does impact initially upon their learning.

  • They can not dress themselves.
  • They can not cut up their own food.
  • They don't know when to ask for help by putting their hand up.
  • They have no manners.
This is no way characteristic of all children but a snap shot of some of the problems when initially starting.

At the end of the day they are only children but when they are 30 in a class despite having a teaching assistant initially it is a very busy time confusing believe me for all.

It helps to prepare your child for school in conduction with nursery or anyone else that is involved within their care.

  • Visit the nursery or school before hand with your child to see exactly what the class/ school does.
  • Explain what will happen during the day; play at school , children love being the teacher.
  • Read books about starting school.
  • Reinforce the activities that your child is interested in that they perhaps do at the nursery/ school "there are loads of books there and you love reading or they have lego to build with" And trust me there is nearly always a class teddy !
  • Talk about the fun activities that you do at home that will be replicated in school/nursery such as painting,drawing craft etc.

At school there is always sand!

Reading is such fun at school.

You can dress up at school.nursery.

Everyone loves the school nativity! except when a costume goes missing.

Everyone loves a self portrait!

  • Try and mimic the timings of the school day where possible "Oh Look it's 12 o' clock the children at school are having their lunch now."
  • Practice doing up buttons and fastening shoes.... Velcro is ideal but as they get older laces are ideal especially as by the time they get to senior school : Velcros trainers  really are not cool.
  • Practise social skills, such as taking turns, following directions and making choices
  • Visit friends with children or invite other children to play
  • Teach simple  jobs that may be useful at school, such as packing away toys. The teacher doesn't want to break their neck on a stray sheep now do they?

  • Help your child to recognise his name - most children can't read or write yet, but they may be able to recognise the first letter of their name or even the whole thing
  • Remember, all these activities should be fun - it's important not to pressurise your child. If you're making your child in the least bit anxious, stop talking about it quite so much.

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