Friday, 12 September 2014

Fortune Favours The Brave

Ever been floored like you have been emotionally pushed to the floor, this is what I am coming back from and with strength and grace I will endeavour. My efforts are lacking at the moment, I have lapses of forgetting names also I may struggle to focus in conversations.

I am getting on with my life not playing a part just living, we all have a purpose in this life and we might gel or we might not. That is the wonderful thing about the world in which we live it is blooming huge.

Boldness never hurt anyone, fortune favours the brave (pretty sure that is a line from an advert) time I need time what I don’t need is a kick in the teeth, which of course is not going to happen, unless the small world gods have a pretty sick sense of humour and I am trapped in a Terry Pratchett novel.

I blog for me, my grammar may go awry, my spelling no doubt will go for a drink down the nearest pub. Strange things happen to me, I spent 2 hours as a Bengal cat invaded my garden and it was there just staring at me, in fact the little video clip is on my Face book page.

Self-respect I have my self-respect, I am I, I am making my way in the world. I have skills to my bow and there are some skills I don’t have I can’t swim and no I am not going to learn * I have a mortal fear. I am willing to do other things that test my social boundaries.

My digital social media foot print will show I came I entertained, I helped, I friended, I cocked up, I messed up, I really messed up, I came through it all .The ripples of good  will be further reaching in way s that you can’t even begin to imagine.

The day I can keep a houseplant alive is the day I now I have truly arrived in this world, as any houseplant within these 4 walls thinks, “What are my options

Be an actor

Sadly option 2 is the outcome I do water. When I remember.

I have a heart and it is here and I am not going anywhere.


  1. I'm glad that you can see your worth. Don't let others beat you down lovely x x x

  2. I can relate with the 'I may struggle to focus in conversations.' I'm the same - it's a remainder of depression.
    Self respect - oh yes - A friend of mine used to say 'I'm me I don't wear a disguise' we laughed when it turned up in a song.. (This is me - Climie Fisher)

    I prefer - don't let the bastards grind you down.. Chin up, full height and plaster a wry smile on yer face!


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