Friday, 31 October 2014

Sleeping Choices Of a Ninja Cat

I'm beginning to feel the fun again.

Though I have a burning problem and that is Rollie 'Ninja' cat he isn't normal ,after all what is normal and normal can be boring., heavens if I was normal wouldn't your life be dull. Just to clarify a burning problem isn't that he tries to set fire to the house although he has been known to turn on the gas on the cooker.

As the song goes "Where ever I lay my cat is my home "

There could have been a slight change on words there , possibly who knows. All I do know that my cat Rollie fights authority every step of the way so much so it hinders my very need to wash up. I watched that rather good program on BBC about the life of cats about how they time phase so they avoid each other, us human beans do that as well except we block on twitter . Thus achieving the same self pleasing satisfaction when we have avoided a social pariah or other one very annoying, and so and so forth.

We tried to give Rollie security by giving him an igloo bed where he had feel all safe, snug and secure and avoid the tweets about how evil he is and the Facebook notifications of life hacks , and you won't believe what he did posts. He killed the bed.

We tried to appeal to his inner cuddly kitten that he must surely have and show us he is not all pet cemetery cat , so we were given a heated igloo cat bed  this is now for sale and as the housing market is up and down, we aren't sure if this is going to sell.

We tried playing classic FM at Rollie to calm the inner beast but I think he prefers Motor Head , Alice Cooper and ZZ top , and if he ever hears of you mentioning to anyone or cat that he hums along to" inch inch worm inch measuring the marigolds" OH * Rollie is gesturing a claw across his throat , I think it means he is hungry * bless

Above all else Rollie love sleeping either on the edge of the sink , in the sink or on the sink rack.


You need cats to be normal haven't you not learnt that us cats us training you , you think the bond villain was in charge oh no my friend it was the cat , anyhow I must go my 1.30 claw manicure will be  here  soon" clears throat  "laugh with me '

"My word is law paw"


  1. Hello. This is such a funny post. It had me chortling away. Your cat sounds very evil. Why would he kill a bed? Also, I hope the housing market picks up and you are able to sell the heated igloo. It looks so cosy. Hugs Mrs H xxx

  2. such a lovely cute cat! he just melt your heart. love the last photo of Rollie sleeping on the sink rack!

  3. I suspect Rollie is trying to get you to sleep in the heated igloo (wouldn't it melt though?) so he can take over your place as supreme ruler of the house. That way he can have everyone wait on him paw and claw, and worship at his mighty stripes. <3

  4. Haha, typical, isn't it? Why would you sleep in a cosy bed if you could sleep by the sink? lol :) x

  5. What a funny post, this had me laughing as we have a cat with a similar temperament ! :)

  6. Ha... my youngest boy sleeps on top of the toilet, the others normal places like wash basket, bed, sofa etc... not in any of their beds x

  7. Cats will do what cats want to do! My friend's cat would only drink water out of the washing up bowl.

  8. Look at the cat ekkk , have to say dont know much about them.

  9. You just can not train cats. Ours used to sleep on the fresh laundry!

  10. That's so funny and that's exactly what I love about cats, they'll never do what you want them to do!!

  11. The wife and I can just about fit in our kingsize with our three cats, whom always seem to place them selves in each corner leaving no room for two of us!

  12. Like the OH says, "You are living in their house!" x

  13. Ha! mine like to climb my curtains at 3am!

  14. Hee Hee - my cats seem to have built a furrow in our flower bed and sleep there #oddcreatures

  15. Hehe... funny how he sleeps on the sink drainer, love it! He's cute, I want a cat!! x


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