Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Mind Forgets The Heart Skips

I am recovering from depression whether I ever get over it is another story I would like to but we will see , I will strive to do my best in the endeavour I truly will. I have a resolve to no longer please other s I do not need the acceptance of all. I struggle day to day on occasion with my memory and I am not talking about forgetting to buy milk I am talking about naming objects.

Depression it is depression .

Compassion yes I would like you to have compassion but that is ok if you don't I am dealing with that now, if you can message me and tell me that I have a good soul then I know that you are my friend, fat beyond the swirling social media hamster run.

Depression needs to pick me up.

Depression needs me to pick you up.

At the end of the day I am a person with a beating heart, I am a wife and a mother and my family make me proud.

I am proud of what I have achieved in social media , how have I done it I have no idea , no I have not won awards ~ not sure I ever will but none of that matter compared to knowing you and you and you. When I hear my friends have my back then I know they mean it and I won't ever let them done.

Depression but you have depression.

Well it's not like I have to ring a bell shouting " hear ye hear ye I have depression"

I write lists not * bullet journals and I have my friends to thank for that.

I want to be confidant, I don't want my anxieties to hamper him and this is why I  push out of my comfort zone like going to London for a blogging event . they say do one thing a day that scares you and I do from washing up  to going to London.

Never do I want my son to experience what I did at school from me being bullied and polls being done to see who liked me.

Adventure starts here will reading my blog be the one thing that scares you today ?

To my true friends I salute you as captains of my soul.


  1. Great, brave post. Today's one thing that scares me is likely to be doing the school run without my glasses on, because I really wasn't awake. That said it should have scared everyone else more than me.

  2. Lovely post, well said and touching. I think you are brave and confident, funny and smart. I hope we meet again in person very soon xx

    1. You are so natural x I always enjoy when we meet you are so warm x

  3. I've been suffering a lot recently, more so than I can ever remember, and burying it deep within has not helped me at all. I keep thinking about writing about it, but don't think I really can.

    Big hugs hun, it's all I can give xxx

  4. A really brave and honest post. Depression is so poorly understood yet so many suffer from it.

  5. I have suffered from it from round the age of 16 and still do at 31 .x

  6. A great post and I'm sure a great help to so many who suffer. I hope the darkness lifts soon.

  7. I too have been suffering and getting some cognitive hypnotherapy. Big hugs and thanks for sharing. x

  8. Brave post Claire - I hope it helps to get it all out x x x

  9. Well the fact that you are able to talk about it is a great step in the right direction, its when people are in denial that the problem.I ma sure with little steps you will reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

  10. Very brave of you to post. I too am suffering and it's difficult to talk about it. I hope typing has helped you release in some way. There are many people that are here for you. I'm happy to be one of them, whether I know you personally or not.

  11. I can't say you ever get over depression. I don't think it ever leaves you. It creeps up on often unexpectedly. All you can keep doing is to just keep going.

  12. You are very brave Claire and i admire you for your honesty and sharing your journey xx


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