Monday, 17 November 2014

Blogger Go Lightly

I'm a Blogger go lightly.

The enigma that not quite :

Not quite foodie enough.

Not parenting enough.

Not quite travel enough.

Not quite photographic enough.

Not crafty enough.

Not quite throwing the television out the window enough.

Never political.

Never religious though I do have flat pack Jesus coming soon ~ which is trendy speak for a nativity set , so I'll not burn in hell.

I'm not a pied piper of the masses , but I've integrity have a heart and I am well on my way to would you believe it my 4th year of blogging. I enjoy what I do doing a bit if this and a bit of that , the places I seen and been, though I've yet to go abroad through blogging. 

Worry will not be my bed fellow , so what if you talk to someone who doesn't like me. I constantly have friends beneath my weeks they aren't my emotional crutches , they are my true friends. 

It used to be the case my friends were always older than me going back to my chess playing days. Now I've friends  of all ages and this is good. 

So I'm the blogger go lightly.


  1. As long as you enjoy what you're doing then that's all that matters.

  2. You keep blogging for you and screw anyone else. Life is a journey where we pick who we take on that journey, anyone we decide not to take can be left behind! X

  3. Treading lightly beats treading heavily any day! Like the others said - if you enjoy it, that's all that matters.

  4. "I'm not a pied piper of the masses"
    Me neither.
    Your blog is wonderfully diverse. You put the effort in instead of trawling any old shite just to get a post out.
    Always stay true to yourself, I say. X

  5. Im with you there hun, foodie to an extent but hopeless at presentation and making it look appetising.
    Moved on from parenty to grandparenty, but again not my main focus
    Cant afford to travel, so dont do much of it either
    your photographs are amazing, so dont you put yourself down
    we dont do much crafting, the twins ( who will be a yr on Fri) are probably better than me, be are enthusiastic but not good
    Not political - I do read things and think about them but thats not in keeping with the title of my blog
    Im not a pied piper either, and like you am coming up on 4 years

    But do you know what?? we are both unique, we are different, we are US, no following like sheep just to fit in a niche, and both actually doing ok with our regular readers.
    Enjoy being you cos YOU are amazing

  6. Sounds a good place to be if you ask me xx

  7. You're perfect the way you are. Nobody can do you as well as you. So what if you don't do one thing amazingly well? You do loads of things really well instead, which is better really isn't it? If the bottom fell out of one genre of blogging you wouldn't have had all of your eggs in one basket.
    Keep being you cos you're lovely xxx


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