Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Thinking Out My Suitcase #flying100

Thinking out my suitcase ,I have so many travel wishes and wishes translate not only into places but the experience before and after you travel. It is true to say my touches of indulgence into this foray have been mainly before we have gone to Florida as a family. These include stopping the night before after parking the car up so we are there for the super early start.

Also booking into the airport lounge and surprinsly this is as not as expensive as you think , the airline you book with will be able to help you ., yes there are some some expensive ones out there aimed at those of a VIP status but you can have this for a fraction of the price you just won't get that Indian head massage. The frame of mind you are in before you travel is very important as you can have a long flight before you , and the more relaxed you are the less irksome the idiosyncrasies  of travel will be.

When travelling back to the UK once from Cairo my Egyptian rep disappeared with our passports as we were standing in the check in line , I cannot stress in a country like Egypt how unnerving this was at the time. We got our passports back he had to get something stamped, Egypt is a country where things and people work in mysterious ways.

Food is another essential before you travel depending on the length of your flight and whether you are getting meals , it never hurts to stock up on permitted snacks, please do check that those you are buying will be allowed through customs.

Flying allows me to feel , to know and to create memories.

It allows me to feel the moment .

Moments as a family than when I close my eyes I can see the images , I photograph moments but you can't always capture the moment. you can paint the picture with your words.

When we went to Egypt I was immediately struck by the dustiness of Cairo and the moment we stepped inside the taxi it was madcap , like a chase scene out of Indian Jones , it is a wonder how their traffic system works. Hustle bustle , jostling and shoving but oh my the sights , and sounds that since upon the eyes the air of mystery that hangs by the swaying pall trees. And when you are in the pool , the soft Turkish delight of the glow slides behind the pyramids taking the ancient pharaohs mysteries with the them for one more day.

I want to show my son the colours of Petra , yes I am inspired by Indiana Jones and The Last crusade, I'll let you into a secret some of my best holidays have been inspired by the world of film. New York was inspired by Home Alone in York , along with Night at the Museum. Cario inspired by the first Indiana Jones and Raiders of the last Ark and soon I will be going to Washington DC inspired by so many films that I think I would wear my fingers typing them all out!

New York I do miss you and i want to come back , We celebrated my first Thanksgiving there at the New York Palace hotel which appeared on Richard Grants hotel program no less, I want to be handed a warm hot chocolate again as we enter in from the cold of New York, New York has its own special brand of coldness, that is not all that unpleasant , you just need to warm yourself once in a while, perhaps with a legendary New York hotdog from one of the well regulated stands.

Respect to be shown one day again at freedom Towers when we go.

New York we are coming again for you one day:

Don't forget us .

So good we are coming twice : you can hold me to that.

This post is an entry for the #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge, celebrating how flying allows us to make memories and ‘be there’, in association with #Flying100. Find out more at http://bit.ly/flying100.


  1. Sounds amazing. Flying with the kids is the one thing we haven't done yet and it's definitely on our list to do. You've really inspired me further.

  2. Can you put me in your suitcase please? Love the sound of your adventures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  3. I would love to take my girls to Egypt it is so steeped in history, it did put me off a bit when I saw what a grim time Karl Pilkington had on his show ! Lovely to read your account of Egypt though and I still can't wait to go there :)


  4. So many places I want to take the boys. Would love to do New York or Boston in Fall

  5. We've so many places we'd love to go!! Egypt is on there too :)

  6. Two places that I would so love to visit. Some day, hopefully.

  7. Oh Central park how I want to see it again. Love this post especially the bit about Egyptian rep taking the passports away eeek!

  8. I've not flown for years, you're giving me itchy feet!

  9. Traveling is so important and can be so educational.
    I hope I get to visit Egypt one day.

  10. I can't wait to take my children to Egypt, it's a county I love and the pyraminds are just breathtaking.

  11. I have never been to Egypt or New York. I would love to visit them both though.


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