Tuesday 9 December 2014

Reality Of Food Banks Hit Home

I suppose at this time of year you are meant to write something seasonal but as I stare at the keyboard I am wondering what to write. I have been in the house for 2 weeks bar going to IKEA twice and eating my weight in chicken soup I began at one stage to think how much chicken soup before I turn chicken. Friends have cheered me up for which I am extremely grateful and once again as I prepare to brae the world  I know then is another turning at the end of the Ikea path. After all IKEA is a poor person Narnia and they do a stonking deal on meatballs  , you can guess where I spent my birthday.

You hear much of paying it forward , it's not an original concept us human beings have being doing it for years , you are leaving your heart open to kindness and so in return you give it. For 2 weeks nearly 3 I've not seen the children I work with , nor have I seen my work colleagues, the trees , the grass the silvery, raspberry ripple sky. The undertones and overtones of my very world were caught short for me in this time , captured and immortalised only in my pictures and blog posts. 

So next time you are moaning about your mortal moans pick one thing that you can appreciate about the outdoors or anything in fact. There has been much in the press about food banks and quite frankly I though I was so far removed from this situation it was what happened to other people. Sadly no the reality of food banks hid me clean smack on the mouth when I discovered that but mother has been using a food bank , my mother doesn't live near me , one of her benefit s had been stopped and she had to use a food bank on more than one occasion.

I find it shocking in this day and age we are struggling in our own country for food , luckily this Christmas my mother is going to spend Christmas day with the Salvation army so I know she won't be alone. So I might having be bemoaning my lack of going out whilst being ill but least I had soup that I could have , I didn't have to scrimp and save saying up which bill to pay or sacrifice.

So if you can donate food to foodbanks I know people like my mother and others would appreciate it.

Reality has hit home so very hard.


  1. This is heartbreaking, and sadly an all too often occurrence for many families.

  2. It's so common these days that people have to use food banks. The economy is totally skewed. I hope your mum has a great Christmas.

  3. I'm so pleased that there are food banks to help people out at times when they need it.

  4. I am so very sorry to hear about your Mother but glad she is able to access support.


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