Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Having an Only child

Having an only child doesn't mean he is a lonely child and I get narked sometimes when folk insist that I must populate the world some more , true he is a teen now and I am past the stage of "won't he get lonely if he doesn't have a sibling " True to say we did have the odd protest of loneliness over over time but he has grown into a happy well adjusted teen with a bright head on his shoulders. I still get:

"But you'll have bedrooms to fill when he goes to university " ( noting he still has year 11 to finish and then 2 years of sixth form.

"OOOh you won't get to see nativity plays any more"

" ooh you'll miss the company of the school run "

"Christmas is for children"

Argh just arghhhh.

Stop and listen to yourself , everyone is entitled to an opinion but I wouldn't shove my choice of music down your throat.

"oooh he won't know how to share, he will be selfish"

No and no he does share , though I made the mistake of letting him sit in the front of the car when he was younger and now he just won't budge and it's a family joke ( no really it is ) And anyway there is more room at the back and I can make my husband wear a chauffeurs hat if I so choose. I should not be stigmatised for having an only child I am still doing my bit for humanity and all that jazz.

"He will expect toys and new things all the time"

No it has never been like that , he has always been very mindful and respectful of money and works for what he wants not as a job  but chores around the house, though has slightly slacked off from cleaning his rugby boots of late. However we are approaching GCSE time and it is best to to chide him over such things when he is knee deep in study books.

We have for the past 3 weeks been on an ice cream stand off , he is a tad fickle over puddings and won't eat quite a number of things , he has a great liking for Ben and Jerry's , who doesn't ?
Ben and Jerry is not a cheap ice cream so I stopped buying  it for a bit well exactly three weeks ago and I had some nice Cornish ice cream in but ooh no that wasn't the same , but now he is eating hurrah .

The cats liked Whiskers SO I brough a box of 48 .... so now they don't like  it .


  1. Hurrah for only children. I have one as well, she's just turned five and she's a very happy child, with lots of loving friends and family and that's it, no further discussion needed :)) #HighFiveLady

  2. Sometimes people should just um, shut up! Your son sounds lovely and well-adjusted and also has excellent taste in ice-cream...What's to worry about? All kids grow up, so however many you have, there will be a final nativity play etc. I have friends who have siblings and who don't. You really can't tell the difference. The same with my kids' friends, although the only children tend to be better at conversing with adults!

  3. I totally agree Claire, each to their own. I get the opposite, people (including my mum) are surprised that I wanted two kids when I was brought up as an only child. I mean really, can I not make up my own mind rather than copying what my mother did?? Great post.x

  4. Claire I have one yr 10, (although he has a half brother age 26) he has lots of friends & we always have kids in the house so he's never been lonely & isn't a spoilt brat & we're all happy which is most important.

  5. Absolutely! Each to their own and everyone should mind their own business! Whatever you choose, someone will have an unwanted opinion on it!

  6. I agree. I am an only child, but my parents were never around either. So I decided I'd like to have more than 1 child if I could. I think that each to their own. Having 3 was my choice and suits us, but having an only child is great and especially when you spend time with them. Whatever works for you & as long as everyone is happy that's the main thing x

  7. Whose business is it how many children you have? Your son sounds like a great kid, surely that's all that matters?!

  8. That's one happy looking boy in that photograph! Tell people to mind their own business! X

  9. My youngest son was selfish and hated sharing, No I did not miss the school run 4 times a day in the pishing rain, all 5 children at times have been spoilt with getting things, having more than one does not stop some of these traits, and I use to get "what you have 5 kids!!" well had circumstances been different I would have had more, my body, my income, my choice.


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