Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Advancement Of The Inner Self

The title of this reads like one of those mind numbing self help e books or bargain books doesn't it ( makes mental note  to look into this for possible career change) I just thought I would alter how I am a complete 360 on my behaviour and outlook , bare with me it is not a New Year , New Year bull frog piece of carp.

I am still holding into my inner 'teddy bear'

I am not however going to accept being bullied in any shape in real life or on line.

I'm still going to talk to people but I am not going to spread myself thin ( I would love to think myself thin though), I am going to let people come to me for a change. I think quite frankly that some peoples ego don't need any more puffing up, bring loud and brazen doesn't mean you get further though for some folk they will always be sanctimonious.

I still might get sad and woeful and write about depression but hay I'm not trendy enough and my musings do  not resonate ~ well they might for  someone and that is what I'm going to run with.

So what have I noticed since I haven't been so much a go to person on Twitter ~ it reveals I was the conversation chaser , some obviously don't want to interact , yes the world is a busy place but I have my suspicions on what some think of me ( and now I don't care).

I am going to carry on in my way , be as ever random my randomness allows me to discover so many things for my photography,food and recipe development, like minded people and humour, history , acrhictecture archaeology. So I have many strings to my bows , I can and will swap talking form one thing to another this is nervous energy and I won't ever change from this but have learnt to slow down my though process.

I have strength of conviction and won't worry too much much what folk think now , hell the other day I even took gentle ribbing ( all in good taste and it was a good giggle) so where do I go from here , well I make lists now of what i would like to do . Having depression and likely to alway have this is is essential that I have purpose structed in my day , some people are 'it' people and can effortlessly do everything I however am not one of these and will not be part of this pretence.

Changing my appearance I am going to grown my hair , not in an Elsa or Anna type of way though when it stopped I wished I had built a snowmen, no the hair going comes from the delivery man encounter the other day. I answer the door to a delivery man and it was "hello sir" so I think I need to grow my hair , yes you would have though that upper lady bits would have given this away but I guess that day I was channelling my inn 'Tootsie'

So there you have it for now the advancement of my inner self of which I will add to revaluate over the coming weeks and years.

Oh and if you want to talk to me I am @needaphone on twitter.


  1. look forward to seeing how this goes for you.

  2. Good luck! I have lists, notebooks of lists and lists of lists. They do help

  3. Good for you to stand up for yourself. An unstructured day is the worst kind of day so planning things to do is essential. And I hope you gave the delivery man a shove too!

  4. You should do what you feel best for you and not what others expect. I am determined to say 'No' more this year!

  5. Good luck to you! This sounds like a positive step. As I said to you on Twitter this morning - we are all different and we should stay that way. We don't need to conform!

  6. This is a really nice post and a positive one. You shouldn't change who you are for others, just be yourself. I am having a reflective time just now and struggling to fit in. Things take time and you have to do what's right for you. Hugs xx

  7. Yay go you! I'll still be stalking you :) And your delivery man must be blind!

  8. Aye we're all better off without the 'look at me - look at me' people.

  9. Lists is good, delivery men is bad. He should have gone to specsavers, and probably isn't safe to drive. I'm hardly on twitter at the moment, it's all too busy and my tiny mind can't deal with it.

    (also hugs)


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