Monday, 2 March 2015

Explore The Elements , Earth : Here I stand

I'm very lucky where I live to be surrounded 360 degrees by beautiful countryside, where I live is on top of a hill and if I ever find myself complaining as I trek up the hill I only have to stop and look at my surroundings the pure ethereal beauty as the breeze bristles past my ear. I am luckier than most to be able to step out of front door and to breathe deep the changing countryside air which changes with the season.

Earth is where upon I stand and earth is where I'm firmly planted , I can survey everything below me and above me. Round here the sky melts into the earth , earth is the lifeblood of the farming community and while other motorists complain getting stuck behind a tractor, I never do as it gives me further opportunity to stare upon the rich soil. Earth of which will spring fields of wheat that in summer will swish and sway upon the gentle warm breeze.

The earth is where I can experience also the other elements water,fire and air there is no contest amongst the elements who is the noblest or the best , in equal measure they are here but my feet are firmly upon the earth so no one should fear. Each element has it worth but me me earth is where I can see the most changes.

Changes I see the changes upon the earth in the countryside when I walk and I look upon the sky and when I walk upon another local village I see the water of the river ambling by and the swans gliding with effortless elegance as if they were performing a ballet dance underneath the water. I see the yearlong fruitful harvest of the earth season in and season out , I smell the earth and it fills me with hope. And after the rains in summer I love nothing better than to walk barefooted through the cool cool grass, I cannot thing of every part of the earth my fear my heart and head would explode.

Autumnal season the earth does sway heady trees lean and bow to the life they give to all. When I told here and picked up a leaf than leaf upon the soil of the field one day i look upon it to the clear clear sky. I looked through the skeletal leaf and saw the fluffy cotton floss clouds billowing across the sky.

Like myself the earth is stubborn ( though not always ) , I am a solid and demential like the earth , and I the collectiveness beauty of earth is where I gravity to just like family and friends.

I was put upon this earth to adventure , adventure is in my soul and in my heart I love the earth of where I live and when I travel and see the earth of a different country I yearn for the earth of whence I am from. Yet at the very same time I feel the need to such the earth of many a country.

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  1. I love this picture. I am deeply envious of your ability to photograph the countryside. I can never see through my camera what I can see in my head.


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