Monday, 12 November 2018

Friendship Is A Lot Like Socks

 Friendship is a lot like socks ,the oddest of pairings will and does work.

Why should some socks (friends) not be paired ? 

If we're were the odd one and you didn't get to get that special friend or friends ; then you'd feel quite left out. If you think someone is aloft, weird, unique and not running with the crowd who is to say that they couldn't be the friend that you didn't think you needed.

Opposites attract.

Give an odd pairing a chance.

It could be the new joyful lease of life that they need.

Say Hi to someone

The simplest kindnesses are everlasting.

Open that door for someone.

Thank people.

Reach out and be the the kindness in someones life just letting someone know you're there really helps.

It is anti bullying this week and I better in my life than I have been in a long time , I was bullied as a child because I was different I have Autism but no one knew it then . Children could see and sense I was different and I was bullied without bullied and hard as I tried it got worse I spoke to my parents and teachers and people did their best but my bullying followed me from school to school.With Autism it is really hard to articulate yourself and when your are bullied you end up in a tailspin and bullying can leave you without a lifetime of hurt.

I struggled to make friends because of my issues with social communication and when sometimes people did decide to be my friend it was to use me , they said horrible things behind my back . They hid my glasses then suddenly found them to get praise from the teacher , they were in a word manipulative.

Which each new school there came the hope that everything would be ok and everything would be different , I didn't understand how you were supposed to be . I didn't understand how you were meant to make friends and people just thought I was weird.I hate the name calling ,the silent treatment , the spreading of rumours like you had sometime contagious, the polls to see if people like me the physical bullying , the bullying happened outside school as well. I was beat up on the way to my piano and harpsichord lesson people could just sense and see I was different like a injured zebra I suppose.

Being Autistic I take things literally and you believe what is being said to you , someone is telling you are stupid and worthless and no one ones to be your friend then being autistic why would someone tell me something that wasn't true.

My school reports are sad there is no getting away from it and it screams that schools should have seen that was something up with my learning and done more to help me but if I can help people recognise the struggles of others then I am doing good !

I was the little girl who couldn't ballet it was just dancey and pink i was the child who loved and was lost in their thoughts in a museum.

Life continued like this well into my adulthood as being in work it was like school but with a whole new list of social rules that you had to figure out and as a result I drifted in and out of jobs .

You are not the child who cried buckets when they were bullied because you can not express your emotions this is why it is so important to have perpetual kindness and I know life isn't play sailing and the ripples of emotion cause various problems but talking and reporting is a must.

Also tomorrow is World Kindness day but let us all be kind each and every day and not just for the day , kindness should be natural and part of our being.


  1. My hubby and I are like odd socks, completely different but happily married for nearly 20 years. I guess you're right!

  2. Same her Phoebe myself and hubby have been together 22 years and are just like a pair of odd socks, great post. Made me smile xxx

  3. You're right, it's important to be open to friendship with different kind of people even if you think that you have nothing in common.

  4. Haharrr this is so right had this problem lately aswell.

  5. Me and my friend are like odd socks, we fell out for a few years. Sort of like being lost in the tumble dryer for a while. But now we are reunited.

    1. That's lovely , I'm glad you're untid again x

  6. I couldn't do it. One thing that really bugs me is odd socks x

  7. me and my hubby are like odd socks we like different things but we work :) x

  8. Yes sometimes the odd socks thing works doesn't it? It doesn't do for us all to be the same.

  9. I think your odd sock pairing works! In our house, we sometimes have no option but to mis-match, as lots of partners go astray :-)

  10. Not just friendship, but partnership too! Me and the husbeast are total opposites

  11. Hahah what a great analogy I do like odd socks too ;)

  12. Odd socks make me shudder! lol Great analogy though

  13. I love this and so true...some of my best friends are in man ways so different and that's what brings us together. Pairings don't have to look perfect!

  14. I'm the complete opposite to my OH but it works ;-)

  15. Aww nice post :) It's good to have different friendships. I have a few different groups that I enjoy hanging out withx

  16. wise words lovely, wise words ... odd sock is a must in my house

  17. Different friendships are great. I've a few over the years and I never say no to a new one!

  18. I like odd socks myself as for friends... you always have to have something in common

  19. I always wear odd socks. Always. And I think you know that :) It was lovely to meet you at last, even though you were very naughty during my croissant crumbs in teeth debacle.


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