Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Review Of The Dormeo Silver Plus Mattress

At the moment we are in the throws of the teen doing his GCSE's no fuss, no tantrums cool as a cucumber he is ; the only signs of the marauding teen is when he comes down for food. I liken it no a house trained hamster but less noise well that is till he puts his music on whilst showering then it sounds like a night club. A happy teen is a contended teen which makes for a more relaxed parent and being well rested is number one on the list as if a teen doesn't sleep well then all hell can break loose and worse still performance could suffer at school.

A good mattress is essential and that is where Dormeo stepped in just before my son started his GCSE's which was ideal as that means I could tackle cleaning the teens room as well a job not for the faint hearted. I open his bedroom window for fresh air he closes it and so begins the cat and mouse game , oh  the fun we have.

We have a memory foam mattress ourselves so we don't need to drag the teen round the mattress shop complete with eye rolling , the teen couldn't believe it when the mattress arrived all vacuum packed and rolled up in a long slender  cardboard box. It would seem all the cool mattresses are doing this nowadays  When you open the packaging do make sure you do this in the room where the mattress is going so you don't have to shuffle it up the stairs. Of course if you do ( ahherm then it is most light and manageable to do so )

The mattress naturally inflates itself and you leave it flat for 18 hours , it then naturally inflates itself to its intended height over the course of the day.

The Dormeo Silver plus is an Italian design and one of the key features stated is its sanitised protection. It is named as such as it incorporates real silver fibres into a super Ecocell. Silver has been recognised as a natural antibiotic and this provides an anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties.  

The Mattress has super magical powers in my opinion it contains bling ( silver) for the teen we opted for the single mattress.

This is a  top quality Dormeo memory foam mattress has a super-thick Ecocell® and memory foam core, with an extra plush Silver cover for maximum comfort, support and protection. Silver protection Silver has long been recognised as a remarkable natural antibiotic and, weaved into our mattress cover in combination with Sanitized® protection, it affords you amazing anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-odour properties. Ecocell is a patented foam with 3D open cell structure designed to work in unison with Dormeo memory foam. 20mm of Dormeo’s high quality visco-elastic memory foam sits on a 180mm layer of Ecocell® foam, all surrounded by a luxury cover which incorporates real silver fibres and Sanitized® protection

The Teens Impressions

The teens impressions were favourable and loved the fact that he didn't sink into the mattress , and that we was able to sit on it and do his revision ( despite US having brought him a rather pricey desk). He also found that he was able to lounge and do his gaming when he wasn't revising or sleeping.

The Parents view 

The package arrived in a long slender cardboard box as the mattress was vacuum pack * I repeat do not unpack the mattress till you have reached the final resting place ( see what I did there ) . The mattress will take 18 hours to reach its required height which is the same amount of time you spent in the supermarket queue to be honest.

Fim star looks

As this is a special mattress it doesn't scrimp on looks either , the colour is white and both the sticking and weave are superior quality to anything I have seen on a mattress before. The Dormeo branding can be seen on both the sides and top of the mattress well if you've got it you flaunt it. The size of the mattress is 90 cm x 190cm)

The cost

This mattress retails at £249 as it is currently in the sale and it carries a guarantee of 15 years , which I am happy about as it will take him well into his adulthood , next mattress he can obtain himself.

Teenager update

I told the teen to warm up before running and warm down but would he listen ~ nope he is currently negotiating running a bath this is first for him , so here is hoping he doesn't flood the bathroom. He now taken himself to lie down on his bed with his legs effortlessly cushioned by his new mattress ~ bless his little cotton socks.

Disclosure I was sent the mattress for the teen all reviews and words are ours , also we have learnt an important lesson that we should listen to our parents.


  1. This looks great and that's a really good price, especially with such a long guarantee.

    1. Absolutely especially as it will see him through , think it pays for itself

  2. We adore this mattress we have one too and they are heavenly for us :-)


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