Friday, 8 May 2015

Welcome To Cat Politics 2015

Welcome to Cat Politics 2015

"It looks like Larry is back in at 10 Downing street , I like Larry he tried to eat a journalist once * so what is not to like. Larry is pretty chilled and I am always watching the television when that big black door of 10 Downing Street on to spot Larry.

With the Conservative humans back in I have heard from Larry that he faces austerity measures when it comes to feeding as gasp Mr Cameron said he is meant to be a mousing cat. I held onto my cat majority in Derbyshire I campaigned vigorously from my cat basket, the sink, the sink bowl and from behind the door and the ultimate the top of the stairs to scare the bejesus out of everyone.

Me on my soap box.

What is my manifesto I hear you ask ?

1. 23 hours naps for all .

2. A nice basket to sleep in with your very own pinky bear.

3. As much toilet paper and kitchen roll as you want to shred.

4. That brand of cat food you like  but then you won't like but will like.

5. Nail file.

6. Only Bow tie NO collars that make you  sound like either bloody Noddy or a manic Morris dancer are out.

7. Tummy tickles and biting your human bean.

8. Classic FM 24 hours a day and a copy of the Guardian.

9. The right to hiss at nothing that is there.

10. The right to walk to the front door loop round and come in through the cat flap * repeating this action to your hearts content.

I am a politician trust me.


  1. A puurfect manifesto - or should that be catifesto?

  2. Perfect manifesto, and looking at your comment above I would love a kitten - ginger would be perfect!!

  3. Who couldn't trust a cat who gave you a wink like that......?!

  4. If the world was ruled by cats it would be a better place!

  5. Cute! I wonder what a dog's manifesto would be? That little face winking, aww, such a lovely cat and very good at politics :)

  6. Ah yes I can imagine this would go down well with a large majority of cats (and some humans - who wouldn't like to nap 23 hours a day!)

  7. An excellent manifesto - where can I vote?

  8. I would vote for your cat any day! Well as long as I can sleep for 23 hours a day!

  9. Great photo of the cat winking - it sounds just like my cat - and yes I would vote for yours! :)

  10. I'd vote for anyone allowing that much nap time

  11. 23 hour naps gets my vote!!

  12. Haha brilliant! I love the cat wink at the end! x

  13. Classic FM and The Guardian?! Spoken like a true Demo-cat!

  14. Love it.......not sure I trust the winky face though

  15. A brilliant post - loving the naps and the right to hiss at nothing!

  16. Ha ha this is brilliant...a great sounding party, they've got my vote!!

  17. Haha after all my serious political discussion of the last few days, this provided some much needed light relief!


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