Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Benefits Of Using A Credit Card Sensibly

Credit cards need not scary in fact used sensibly they can help you out in various situations.

Unexpected expenses such as travel expenses for example 

Recently I had cause to use my credit card for an expected situation in the USA I had to do to this so I don't eat into my spending money which I had budgeted for. I had already booked transfers with my holiday company but due to a mix up in the pipework I had to payout again to actually get to my hotel after an 8 hour flight and US Immigration . You wouldn't believe that this situation was repeated on the way back and I had to pay again to get back to the hotel ( that is a whole blog post in itself) I paid again for this amount on my credit card and I will be sure that I do get these costs back off the holiday company concerned.


I had security in knowing that I could relay on my credit card in what at the time was a very stressful situation. Also if anyone thing else had gone wrong then I had the knowledge I had a very secure back up.

Spreading costs of items

Many credits cards offer special introductory rates such as zero % or other subsequent low % rates
I am planning some kitchen purchases in the near future in preparation for our hopeful kitchen makeover in the near future so the 0 % introduction rate of the Platinum card from TSB which offers ) % interest on balance transfers is one option  I could take.

Consumer Protection

With a credit card you get consumer protection when the amount is over £100, now at the hotel when checking in I popped to the toilet leaving my husband to deal with everything, when checking in they ask you for a card as security against incidentals you may use like that really pricey tub of crisps !. However my husband instead hand over his debit card when meant the amount they debited off the card with take around 5 days to hit back in our bank account instead of instantly if he had used his credit card.

Do remember that a credit card is a form of borrowing and as such should be approached responsibly , only use if you are certain in the knowledge that you can afford the repayments. Use a credit card for needs not wants  and as such a credit card should be used with discretion , think of it as a temporary loan to yourself paying back the amount soon as possible so you can avoid accumulating interest charges.

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Saving for up for what you want is good also.

I want a bicycle with a basket so far I have 20 p towards it but it is a start.

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