Friday, 4 September 2015

If you are Hap Pee and You Know it Clap Your Hands

In the good all days I would be heading off into town alas not wearing stilettos never could get on with those instruments of torture. If a drink looked pretty then I would have it  , 20 20 you name it  never one to get drunk in fact I am one of those people who get terribly sober. Fast forward 20 odd years and responsibility has crept up on me , marriage a child and 2 cats , well it was 3 but Rollie mark 1 got run over but such is life. And Rollie mark 2 has no soul anyway seen Pet Cemetery then that explains my cat. The husband answers the television when a game show is on , the son does his own thing like having a tamagotchi in the house you feed it and keep it alive.

Then there are the cats the fluffy bundles of joy to the house , if you read here not only will you get a recipe but you can read about the antics of the mouse that was on my stairs. Life I have to say is never dull in this household I am pretty sure a camera crew will appear any minute and film us for a documentary.

SO what am I doing on this rock and roll of a Friday well I am taking bets on how long the flat pack furniture will take to be made up, having a debate on the price of cucumbers * a question I do believe that was on Question Time. No I am cleaning cat pee off the front door , not my cat but another that has a gripe with one of my cats * probably Rollie . Oh and the front door that I will replace one day who the hell paints the front door  *  brown my husband that is who.

Rock Cat and Roll.


  1. We have had mouse and pee problems at the paws of our furry friends too.

  2. I hope you got that flat pack furniture erected without too much hassle! I feel your pain on the cat pee- ours are little monsters sometimes - when it is cold, if I don't put the cat litter tray out for them they pee in the stair carpet! I can't tell you how much pee stain/odour remover I got through once, till I relented and returned the cat tray. They have no problem going outside in the summer!

  3. Oh I remember getting quite drunk on 20/20! Those were the days ;) We have a brown front door too!!! Must change that x

  4. Oh dear! Your own cat pee must be bad enough, but another cat's is plain annoying! My sister's neighbours cat got in their house the other day and knocked a load of stuff down then did a wee in the kitchen sink!


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