Sunday, 11 October 2015

Soap Box Rules

I was typing this and my whole post just disappeared which is a trifle annoying and I didn't alert you on Facebook or Twitter. Instead I'm telling you here in this blog post , gosh what a pickle.

We stress our /out opinions on our various social media channels, some of it looks like an attack from certain angles as if people have got a fly in their social media ice cream. I'm all for debate , debate is indeed good and healthy.  We tell the world how we are feeling at times it can feel as if people are dictating their views across.

Why oh people do people feel the need to attack others in thinly veiled ways , balance and constructive words are set aside as the soap box is pulled away and smothers other opinions.  Just an obversation after all I have been watching Disney films empowering myself , amazing how the little things count. If you stop stressing just worry about you and not what opportunities other people have got then the world is a far better please.

Coconut water I've tried it twice and formed my opinion but one day there might might be a coconut water I like , open minded is how I try to be though the stuff tastes like sweaty flip flops. There I'll get off my soap box for now before someone pushes me off it.

Just relax 

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  1. I made the mistake of replying to a status yesterday and opened up a whole can of worms - I slunk off very quickly lol


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