Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The 5 Am Club

It's 5 Am

No one should be up .

Unless you are a baby with a milk dependancy habit.

Or your a baby you just likes to wake people.

May be you had a weird dream about a spider that turned into a T - Rex ( or yes that will be me)

Twitter seems an endless stream of auto tweets , vintage post, Easter you name it and you feel alone and lost.

Alone and lost is how I feel a lot of the time , feeling I am not quite good enough when I know I am , and Twitter has been my lifeline when I down . It is not in any shape of form a validation to what I am going through , what I continue to go through . As they say

"Don't judge anyone endless you can walk a mile in their shoes "

I don't wear heels so you might get further than a mile, I am better than I was but I still feel a core of loneliness and I do have some very good friends.  I am not a natural when it comes to things and planning any task can and will take a great deal of mental energy.

I find that Twitter and indeed Facebook can be a blessing and at the same time a curse but more of a blessing nowadays , and I am looking forward after the horror of last year , which I wouldn't wish what happened to me on anyone. And when I am in need there is someone to help me and likewise I help them I love how the universe works.

Empathy that is those with depression and anxiety , indeed any mental health issue.

Remember mental illness is not a sport it is not who has what worse.

What do I want for the future a better camera for my photography when that I can call my own, also a new phone with a better camera. At some point I will be getting a bicycle a Pashley which i will cycle every where , every where it won't get stolen.

And a Spa trip I am desperate to visit a Spa again with my good friend , I really love Spas it is my world away from the business of life and I end up feeling so refreshed it is wonderful.

I think a Spa trip should be available on the national health but that is a pipe dream and I will have to make do with my foot spa ( core living it up )

So if you see any SPA comps do tell me , or if you have a Spa you'd like me to review along with my friend ( obviously I would to be reviewing my friend ) I mean I would have to take my friend alone to   a Spa.

I just wish my forever friend lived a little closer.

But I still have you lovely lot on social media.


  1. Lexie is nearly 9 months old and her teeth are really giving her jip as she's waking up to 5 times a night and is up for the day at 5.15 every morning, i'm knackered! By 9am I feel like half the day have gone by!

  2. If you ever need a chat and see me around just grab me whatever the hour <3 x

  3. I totally agree that no illness is a competitive sport. I hate that people always have to be worse off that you. I hope you find some peace

  4. The darkness of the night can be the loneliest time. I tend not to take my phone to bed with me otherwise I could be up all night going through the same things.

  5. Twitter's my place when I can't sleep in the early hours and it's always comforting to find someone else who having trouble sleeping. Will look out for you next time I'm awake early and I hope that you find a decent night's sleep soon x

  6. Hope you get your sleep soon! Glad things aren't as bad as they were last year, but life is pretty lonely at 5am.


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