Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Friendly Introvert

We've become offended over what we control.

Fair play to Princess Leia if she can ( pardon my French kick a s s while wearing a bikini.)

I played all characters when I played Star Wars it was fun , I think I was always in control of myself as a child to a certain extent but I think my confidence did take a knock later on in life. I remember playing Snow White when I was 5 ( typecasting I am sure ) as I had bobbed hair  I gave a rousing performance , but when it came to that kiss I lifted my legs and pushed the boy away going "I don't think so  "

Described as a Tom boy ~ it was the 70's it was ok then.

Now it is empowerment.

Being equal on a equal stage.

Introvert empowerment as we are seen as still under represented in certain areas , there is never an even split in life but that doesn't stop us striving putting our stamp on the world . It doesn't matter who it is we should all strive and my confidence is growing but not with real life people but with on line friends odd but that in turn will give me confidence in the real world.

At school I aligned myself with the geeks , the computer crowd the role playing gamers and they were / are some of the best friends I had /have. And having friends is very important I have choice friends who really get me and my humour and my humour is a patch ( I was going to say for my insecurities but being a friendly introvert isn't an insecurity it is a super power )

Yes I am an introvert and I am proud of it.

An introvert can have and will have dreams.

I'm a friendly introvert.

That's ok.

I'll look for exits if I'm in company but that's ok as I'm the friendly introvert.

I am an introvert and my name is Claire.

If you speak to me I most likely won't take a compliment and an criticism depending on how it is dealt out will see me crumble like a deck of cards, it's not that I don't like compliments but is the inability to handle them . Somehow if I accept a compliment I feel I don't deserve it and will battle against it adding in a put down to myself.

I was at my son's rugby games and one of the boys was complimented by the coach on his game , the boy then went on to say but I didn't do this I could of done this that and the other

The coach said "Just take the compliment "

This is something we should all do more of take the compliment I am going to try and do this .

Kind Regards

The friendly introvert

P.s Is that ok ?

PPS Are you sure ?


  1. My name is Louise and I'm an introvert too. My compliments throw me! I wish I could accept them - I will try and do this too xx

  2. My name is Angela and I'm an introvert also. Compliments make me embarrassed

  3. I am an introvert too. I always have been. But, I refuse to be defined by a label!

  4. I am an introvert as well I admit it.. I don't take complements well at all - in fact I run away from them. x

  5. Definitely need to try and except compliments more. I continuously shower my kids with compliments and praise so that they know hoe to accept them ;)

  6. Ha, I am an introvert too and over analyze everything all the time so I can truly relate.xx

  7. I am not good at accepting compliments but wouldn't describe myself as an introvert. xx

  8. I recently discovered the phrase 'ambivert' and I think this described me best...I'm an introvert who also possesses extrovert qualities depending on who I am with! We are all different and it's about learning to embrace who we are instead of letting it hold us back I think x

  9. Compliments? They're like another language to me. I hear them and don't take them on. It's difficult. I'm an introvert. And I'm proud of it. It makes up the best people ;)

    Ooo just read Jess comment. I think that is true of me. 90% of the time I'm a introvert but with some limited few I suppose they'd see me as an extrovert.

  10. I am never sure if I am an introvert, I am certainly very shy - but once you get to know me I am noisy and dont shut up!

  11. you need to learn to take a compliment Mrs! :-)

  12. You make me laugh. All the time. I wish I was as (intentionally) funny, like you. It's a compliment. You can practice with it!

  13. *waves* introvert here too! Compliments are hard to take aren't they?!

  14. Hello from me, another introvert. Who over thinks and over analyses everything. And takes every thing way too personally. Hello :) Kaz x

  15. I can take a compliment and it makes me feel great, but it doesn't always resonate enough for me to actually believe it!


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