Friday, 30 October 2015

Throwing The Baby Bird Out The Nest

It's finally happened.

My teen has a better social life than me ~ in fact they've a better social / work life balance than me.

Awesome parenting I put it down to and perhaps old fashioned rules.

For example he's only seen the podcast talks on Game of Thrones on YouTube his YouTube is restricted . However now he's 17 he been given the option to watch Game of Thrones.

You see it's a good cop / bad cop parenting situation ~ I'm the only female in the house even the cats are male. Mrs Robinson has tried to strangle me on numerous occasions ~ Mrs Robinson is the car ,Mrs Robinson loves my husband but hates me . She has tried to strangle me with the seat belt.

Parenting is like trying to throw the baby bird out the nest.

I'm the one that dropped him crying at beavers and made myself and my husband run away , tough love but with a care .

After all those years of saying 

" put your coat on "

He's brought one with his own money a trendy wool one from Zara.

And that's it he's out on his own into town during the day with friends and he's a quiet like me.

Friends make you , he feels part of something it taken a long time .

But I was part of that . My husband was part of that. Our family is part of that guidance.


  1. i must admit i am parenting in a similar way, i made hubs come with me and leave J the other day in tears as he was worked up and hubs was making it worse .. eek this parenting lark is hard work

  2. I think you have just the right attitude. It worries me to see how many parents are sad and lost when their children grow up - to me, the whole point of parenting is to bring up the next generation of mature, independent adults who can make their own decisions, and you can be very proud that this is what you are achieving.

  3. It is so hard to find a balance. Fir the first time on holiday this week, the boys went about on their own with their friends. It was a little disconcerting, but I want to give them roots so they can fly

  4. Love this post Claire, so happy that your teen has a great social life. My kids have better social lives then me too. I'm rather jealous ;)

  5. My daughter's the same age and is also increasingly independent. I'm dreading her leaving home to go to Uni next year, although I'm proud of her too.

  6. As someone without children, to me it sounds as though you have got that perfect balance!

  7. Watching your children gain independence is such a privilege isn't it. Tho it is hard watching them fly the nest, it is also a sign of a job well done!

  8. I'm encouraging my two to be as independent as I can and they're doing great! It's a balancing act but there's no right and wrong in my opinion as they're all different arent they?

  9. You are doing a fab job! All my children have better social lives than me - even Pickle who is 3!! Kaz x

  10. It isn't any better with girls, believe you me! I spent the school holiday week reminding little miss of rules and getting constantly the stink eye :-).xx

  11. you have a teen that wears a coat - impressive!

  12. After years of telling them to wear a coat as well !


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