Thursday, 26 November 2015

Fixing My Depression Short Circuit

I was thinking something of which I do rather a lot .

How boring the world would be if we were all  the same.

Monday was when I realised I wasn't quite over my depression, and that's really OK I'm not sure I'll ever really be over if I'm honest . Depression isn't really something you can wall paper over , we all react and recover in our own way.

Depression is simply put like an electrical circuit you don't know if and when you might short out.

What's the fix I hear you cry ? 

Mmmm the fix could be a bar of chocolate , a friendly word a phrase of a song In fact anything ! 

" brown paper packages tied up with string " 

Who knows ?!

It could be days before I short out again , months or indeed a year or years , after a momentous melt down last year I'm wary but I don't let it rule my life. I might shut down emotionally but it's my way of recovering so I don't go back to last year, every step I take away from last year is one more plus.

It's the old old adage of a swan calm on the surface but paddling like fury underneath , just because on whatever day I looked Ok, I wasn't really.

So I'm off to find my fix to my short circuit unless someone has eaten my fix ...

Till then I leave you with happy toast .


  1. Really hope you can fix your short circuit and it's just a blip. You express your feelings so well in this post.

  2. The world needs more happy toast

  3. Sending you some big hugs. I have just been diagnosed with adhd which I'm hoping is the cause of my anxiety and depression. Therefore treating that will ease the other things. Feeling ok so far but I know what you mean, it never goes away and can switch on whenever it wants to. I have tried jogging when the switch is flicked and it seems to work but I do hate running! Hope you find your happy sweetie. Love the toast xxx


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