Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Wander Must

I am approaching a midlife crisis.

I think with a midlife crisis you are meant to buy a sports car or a motorcycle  or a scooter as my husband did years ago (that looked like a motorcycle ) his midlife crisis lasted a few years but he got rid of the scooter some time ago

So much so that I have a restless niggle to travel , I could quite happily roam the world with my wanderer lust spirit.

I don't drive , I haven't have much luck with that mode of transport , myself trying to learn to drive has included the car I was learning in being crashed into.

" I'm taking the car in to swap it for a new one "

You can guess what happened next can't you .....

Then on another lesson I clipped a kerb near a canal and I was made to help change the tyre , so ended my trying to learn to drive. I have other people to do it for I think of myself as

"Driving Miss Daisy "

So cycling is where I'm at and I have my Pashley it's not cheap it would buy 7 bicycles for people but a bicycle with a basket is what I desired . So I set my mind to this but I couldn't win one I really did try but to no avail, so I obtained one through my works cycle scheme , I don't earn enough to get the tax benefit from it. I am paying for it monthly through my wages and it's all mind , it has a sweetie shop bell to die for.

I can't swim so cycling is my salvation , I'd like a racer again like I did in my childhood but I'll pay for this first and then work on that idea. Today I cycled down the lane dinging my bell and I couldn't be happier , I can ding to my hearts content , whilst I am cycling all the troubles melt away and to be corny.

I count my blessings , as there as those who are less fortunate than I .

Cycling is a celebration of my being , of how far I have come and how far I will go .

I just want to have the privilege to ride my bicycle always .


  1. Love your bicycle, what a beaut! Running has become my salvation (think I'm entering some kind of midlife crisis too). Don't know what I'd do without it sometimes. x

    1. Ooh I was a runner years ago ~ loved cross country at school

  2. I'm so glad you finally have your heart's desire! She's a beauty!

    1. I love it ! especially the sweet shop bell and basket.


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