Friday, 11 December 2015

When You Own A Cat They Steal Time

When You Own A Cat They Steal Time

When you own a cat ... ( scratch that one )

When a cat owns you , nothing gets done, this is quite possibly why my hall way has remained undecorated for 8 years. The current colour of my hallway is depressed peach I am pretty sure that is the naughties colour that was picked, we are decorating through every other room but strangely this one is being ignore. The transient nature of a hallway is obviously not demanding enough it is the equivalent of the person in the Post Office queue saying

"No you go in front,it's ok "

And then the person you let in front mysteriously magicking 10 million parcels from NO WHERE !

When a cat owns you I have discovered they are time stealers and stop you obtaining your goals for the day like perhaps housework except when you have to remove a mouse , or clear up that fur ball they have thrown up on your brown carpet.

SEE why have a brown carpet now, though one day I know my feet may regret that decision.

How else have cats stolen my time ...

You'll notice how in the top photo Jack has Mr T pinned down , this is why our bedroom hasn't been painted . Are you sensing a common theme here ...


  1. hehehehe I love cats they are such cute but cheeky little animals. My sister's cat Aflie is always getting up to no good x

  2. My friend's cat likes to sneak into other people's houses settle down on them and fall asleep!

  3. It's even worse if you have a cat AND a dog!

  4. Ha ha we have a dog and he takes more of my time than the kids sometimes ;-)

  5. Try having two dogs, they take up all our time, nothing gets done lol xx

  6. Cats / Children are time stealers........why don't we learn?


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