Friday, 5 February 2016

Cheer Up It Might Not Happen

Depression doesn't leave you well it doesn't for you , and it's jolly not helpful for people to say

" Cheer up it might not happen "

Well it blooming well just has with you saying that .

But to have a little lift of something in times of adversity can for me make all the difference to my mental health and well being  I choose to be tablet free and that is my choice and my choice alone and I really will not explain my reasonings to anyone anymore or indeed have them tell me

"The tablets will help you'll be on the road to recovery "

I am a gentle person I will apologise for my coat being on a chair and people sitting either side of it ... ( for example in my staff room )

I no longer expect everyone to like me ~ though secretly it would be nice but I realise I am better of with the natural holistic people who don't have hair that looks like it is permanently styled. ( but fair play to you if you do have the ultimate hair ) 

I love people who can switch my mood ~ that is very important to me and again a life saver. You see words really are a saviour but can also be a curse ( so please use your words for good , words are a gift that shouldn't be misused they are a treasure for all to behold and marvel at )

Self care is very important ~ giving myself something nice to focus on mostly likely to be tea ( I am trying to avoid the cake ) 

I'm adding Rocky Road to this list as from last Friday ! very welcome after the week from hell, many folks had it worse than I ( which I dislike ) .

Always tea , I love my tea and it does calm me and I'm always refilling my tea levels .

So quite simply depression isn't a one size fits all condition , it's unseen yet seen in my demeanour or my body language ~ a mixed bag. Depression isn't a competitive sport to see who is worse or who can do it with more flair , not all us with depression get on would you believe and that can add to the social nightmare .

I'm an over thinker .... 

I can't judge humour very well and will open ask " you are joking ?"  and reading faces is hard too ! 

I dislike too much noise ~ but the clinking of a tea spoon in a cup soothes me .

I find it very difficult to follow a thread of a conversation and I usually jump about the place.

If I like you , you'll know it ... 

I am not a hugger.

But I'll hug in my mind a kind kind soul.


  1. Had to giggle at the thought of picking people as friends by hairstyle. I guess I am safe too as I haven't been to the hairdressers for 5 years.


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