Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Signs That Cats Have Overtaken Your Life

There are subtle and not so subtle signs that cats have indeed taken over your life, and many a day I sit there and wonder what lies behind those "Love me " "Feed me "  gorgeous eyes . We have been fooled into thinking they are our pets when instead they have us convinced they are the most import creature on the planet. For example when the cat sits on my husband legs wanting

 "Sweeties "

 I call the cat a creep and immediately my husband refers to me in the third person:

 "She doesn't understand does she she is just jealous "

The cats know you are trying to read a book or complete that deadline assignment , they immedaietky infiltrate your work space causing you to be late . So no more "The dog ate my homework sir "

It's more a case of " The cat sat in my homework Sir so I couldn't complete it "

Cats don't care you want to go to bed , they know you should be doing something else anyway , so you might as well go and do it as

"The bed isn't up to temperature yet "

You buy shoe boxes to feet your cats shoe box habit as it really loves its

"Box Box "

You are pretty sure that the cute soft toy cat has morphed into a carbon copy your evil ninjacat .

Cats will take over the world.


  1. Aww. So cute! I'm not a cat person. But I love Boots my daughter's cat who'd dumped us for an old woman who lives alone. She never got on when a dog joined our family. Can't really blame her though, sometimes I wish the old woman would adopt me too ;) #animaltales.

  2. I am loving the shoe box photo, so cute. I have stumbled the post for you :)

  3. Cats will take over the world at some point!

  4. We are their servants - you should know that by now! Give them a head scratch from me ♥

  5. lovely cats and yes i also suffer with the 'get up now' and 'stay where you are' both actions designed to cause maximum inconvienence

  6. Of course I prefer dogs but a cat sat in a box will always make me smile! :)

  7. your cats are beautiful. Ours loves to snuggle up when we are feeding the baby.

  8. Lol, so familiar. Cats rule in our house. Currently being forced to share my tuna roll with one!
    This made me laugh!

  9. Oh yes - we never own cats do we but remain their slaves!
    Please thank your feline masters for allowing to you to add this to #AnimalTales.


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