Friday, 26 February 2016

Space Saving With Lockers

Lockers are cool , I loved my locker at school well the only time I didn't like it was when I forgot my locker key one day , and I was given 100 lines . Of course I did the lines on a typewriters! .When I see school lockers it takes me back to the American High s Lockers (from those 80's movies ) which bring an industrial look to any room and that's what we are trying to achieve with my sons room.

And creating extra storage within a locker is an utter art which the American high school students have got down to an art!

I did some space saving ideas for my son with his locker one of which was to cover this cardboard book from Hobbycraft in film poster wrapping paper in a decoupage fashion. The theme I was going for the locker was Sherlock Holmes / olde wolde England.

Getting ready to cover the cardboard book.

Decoupage covering a cardboard book.

Providing storage for fiddly stationery items
A cardboard book provides storage for fiddly stationery items.

Essential storage for a student
Essential storage for a student.

I also used magnetic photo holders to display old postcards , these could also be used to display essential study ideas when my teen is revising !!

Magnetic photograph holders
Magnetic Photograph holders.

The blue magnetic man can hold keys and other essential items like paper clips etc.

A cork board on the inside of the locker provides additional space to pin vouchers , event reminders , revision plan , school timetable etc .

A cork board provides a space to pin those memos , vouchers timetables  and essential revision plans etc.

Decorate the inside of a locker with paper
Decorate the inside of a locker is fun and easy , I glued these papers in.

I added a stick on light on inside of the locker ( on the roof ) which you can turn on and off provides light obviously ! so you can find what you're looking for.

A 1930s letter rack purchased for £2.99 provides storage for those letters, payslips so your locker stays clutter free !

A letter rack adds to the storage within a locker.
A letter rack adds to the storage within a locker.

I decorated the letter rack with some Penny Farthing cut outs which I stuck on facing each other .

Lining the locker with paper adds an interesting dimension.
Lining the locker with paper adds an interesting dimension.

I lined the locker with some paper print out s from a CD .

I love the quirky paper which lends itself to an old fashioned theme.

The old fashioned paper I used.

Everything fits nicely within the locker , neatly out the way and off the floor ! 

There is so more more to lockers , they're brilliant for storage and you can increase that with clever space saving ideas.

My sons loves the locker which is handily right next to his desk.

Disclosure ~ I was sent the locker as part of this space saving locker challenge , all thought s words and opinions are my own ~ as all the short cuts shown.

Papers used within locker and cut outs on letter rack :

die ~ Marianne Creatables
globe- Stamp - Dpcraft Chronology

other stamps - Viva Decor "Old fashioned "

papers- Debbie Moore's CD "Shabby chic vintage printing 


  1. I love the idea of a locker... you're right, they are very cool. I love what you did with your son's bedroom - I hope he love it!

  2. I would never have thought to do all that with a locker! Fab idea

  3. I never had a locker at school and now I realise what I have missed out on! I know for sure it would have contained a football fixture list!

  4. It's amazing how much you can actually get into a locker! We never had them at our school but I always wanted one as I saw it in the movies!!

  5. I love the theme you chose!! We still had desks when I was at school - but my kids have lockers once they are at middle school - not sure they are allowed to do much in the way of personalising them tho.

  6. I love these ideas, super simple and definitely stuff that could work for anyone! I've never had a locker and I'm beginning to feel like I need one now...

  7. These ideas look awesome. I hope you boy likes it.

  8. what a great idea - Kian is starting to struggle with all his revision notes and this would be perfect for keeping it all together

  9. Maxi has a locker at school this year (he is year six and he loves it. They don't have locks and are open for everyone to access.

  10. Those lockers are so cool! I might have to get myself one for my office :)

  11. Wow, I'm having serious flashbacks to high school when lockers (and more importantly what combination lock your Mum got you) was literally your life for the first couple of weeks of each school year!!

  12. Definitely going back in time with the locker idea and all the American movies I used to watch! They are really cool,no wonder your teenager loves the idea!xx

  13. I love that letter rack!! Great ideas here, I love lockers, or anything that helps me be a little bit more organised! :)

  14. Gosh you've been keeping yourself busy haven't you! Love all these space saving things you've created, the letter and the locker rack especially look fab. We need to do some serious decluttering and space saving at home! Where to start though...!


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