Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Hitchhikers Guide To Blogging

Every so often bloggers are inclined to declare " I'm giving up packing up my blogging toys "and disappearing into a puff of social media smoke.

Blogging has pretty much changed since I arrived on the scene some 5 years ago (well nearly 5 years ) . Blogging has got slicker, meaner, nicer, more niche , compartmentalised , more diverse and so many other adjectives ,I'll have to get my thesaurus out. I'm more than likely to drop said thesaurus on my feet those causing a injury , I kid you not I'm likely to do this.

The Off Day Catalyst 

I pretty attributed the catalyst of this situation to the toast I had yesterday , how I hear you cry can the humble piece of toast cause a cataclysm of events , well the shade of toast can do this .

When you place your toast in the toast in the toaster you have expectation and high expectation of  that :

 1 Your toaster will do the job .

2 Your toast will be the appropriate shade of ermmm toastyness to launch you upon your day whatever that may entail ( yesterday I was chief men pants buyer )

3. If I had , had happy toast like I did a few weeks ago , this indeed could be a very different blog post , I could be clutching an Oscar instead.

I think it's just a blogging stumble and tomorrow the toaster Gods will favour my blogging fortune , I think historians need to look back and see if toast has caused any wars.

Blog Me Like You Do

I do , I do love blogging .

It's very hard not to compare yourself to others at time , I have never succumbed to the green eyed blogging monster , I'm not that type of person . Blogging isn't a distraction technique of the Emperors new clothes with me what you see is what you get . I'm not one either for blogging praise in fact if I'm praised in any shape or form it has me running for the hills .

Blogging has provided me many wonderful opportunities of which I'm  .... grateful , I think I hope I'm a refreshing blogger ?! everytime I write a blogging grammar fairy dies , apologies if my grammar makes you twitchy .

I have been blogging as mentioned nearly 5 years , I'm one month short of this anniversary , I've never huff puffed ( unpaid journalism ) or caused a stir on mumsnet, though be still my beating hard I had a post on Gnome knickers re tweeted. This was a post about Gnome knickers ( people who steal Gnomes )

Perhaps if I had written the blog post with the title Game Of Gnomes that will have pulled the punters in  ? who knows ?

Not Giving Up 

I will conquer and blog on , at times I feel blogging is to commercial and I want my fluidity to show and not have review after review . I want my naivety back I feel as if I have opened the blogging Pandora 's box / reviewed it and pimped it within an inch of its life !

I'm currently topping up my tea levels.

Infact I've turned some offers of late including someone asking me to pay into their crowdfunding business of their item. In return I'd get the item and something tongue away > yet I have to pay ?!! how cheeky and rude ! . 


Breathing allows the yearning to blog to come back and it's own my terms it's not like I'm going to go extent like the dinosaurs for example the poor T -.rex couldn't even type no wonder he roared all the time he couldn't clap his hands at the dinosaur tea party !

" If you're happy and you know it , clap your hands "

Blogging has got so clogged it's certainly not as simple as it was and I just want the simplicity to come back just tad, I feel as if I need a Hitchhikers Guide to Blogging with the words :

"Don't panic "

Emblazoned on the front .

I'm not going any where but if I don't shake it up and say how I feel,once in a while I'll implode.

So I'm staying blogging and so is the cat .


  1. Great post and I think a lot of the older skool bloggers feel like this. Blogging has changed and sometimes not for the better. You started blogging about the same time as me, carry on your a breath of fresh air in the blogging world.

  2. Well, I've been blogging half the time you have and even I can see a change recently. I think the thing is to keep doing what you're doing and not worry about the rest. Pleased you are staying put (and the cat). xx

  3. I think I've been blogging since 2008 but I'm never a finger-on-the-pulse blogger anyway so the newer type has passed me by. Sounds like it's a good thing.

  4. I started the same time as you (as you know) and I'm glad you're staying put! You're such a a lovely and brilliant person, and I get my cat fix here too ;). There's a whole new breed of super slick blogger emerging who seem to hit the ground commercially running so to speak. But you and I are you and I, and that's all that matters ( and that there are teabags left). *HUG*

  5. I know my blog is never going to win awards or be featured as a blog to follow. I'm happy spouting out rubbish that no one in the world will ever read but me. So just like you and the cat, I'm carrying on.

  6. I've blogged for over 6 years and it's changed dramatically. I've never changed my blog to suit & never feel it fits in. But I blog for me & what I feel like blogging. It's impossible to keep up. I've followed your blog for years and think it's ace as you know. You & the cat. I'm glad you're hear to stay & happy blogoversary when it comes x

  7. Everything changes - it needs to, to be able to develop. People cling to trends to attempt to be current but everyone ends up looking the same. Staying true to who you are generates diversity, individuality and, most importantly, identity!

  8. I started reading your blog recently and have been thoroughly enjoying your worldview and just plain your posts. Glad your blog is there to read. Sometimes it makes me smile and laugh and sometimes it just makes me think. Thank you.


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