Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ever Wondered Why ?

Ever wondered why I take so many pictures ? 

It helps me in my depression and anxiety journey .

I was proud to stand up for myself when challenged as a burglar dressed in a bright pink coat ! I was told " you've lots of pairs of eyes on you "

I said " Good it pays to be vigilant !" 

They weren't keen on me taking pictures of the houses down the lane .I explained who I was , where I worked and lived . Then  went home got my school id to go back and show them . I explained my breakdown 2 years ago and how walking and pictures helped me . They seemed to accept what I was saying . 

You know what I'm going to continue taking pictures and nothing will stop me . I stay within the law and I'll jolly will keep taking pictures of the lane . If their houses are in the pictures then so be it as as I'm not trespassing as I'm on the public path footpath. 

I'll empower myself and keep doing it !!!

And living near the countryside I fully understand why people are so sensitive about people taking pictures. Burglary is horrible I've been victim of an attempted burglary myself and friends and family have been burgulared themselves and it can deverstate your whole world.

It's my #depression #anxiety journey

And I'll be out later taking pictures with my bigger camera ....

I'll leave my bag marked SWAG at home 


  1. Good for you! You are not breaking any rules but I can understand why people wonder what you are up too...It's a shame that's the way it is, that everyone is so suspicious.
    I love seeing your photos! You live in such a beautiful part of the country x

  2. We do live a very suspicious world, but I'm glad you don't let it stop you taking photos, especially if it helps you so much. x

  3. We all deal with challenges in our own way & your pictures are helping you :)

  4. Taking pictures helps me too - the concentration needed breaks the train of negative thoughts and gives my mind a break, glad it works for you too x

  5. So glad you are being so cheerful when people are a pain in the butt!

  6. I think pictures are a fantastic way to document your journey. Recently I went to a concert and selected 5 pictures to place in a frame. On the back of the frame I wrote a message to myself which will be a reminder of what I achieved.

  7. I have to admit that I would question someone taking pictures of my house, but then I don;t live in a picturesque country cottage

    1. I was questioned by a neighbour but at the time I was taking a picture of a field , like I said it does pay to be cautious . I've seen poachers round here myself . I do insure I'm not taking a pictures directly through anyone's windows.

  8. Ha ha I know I shouldn't laugh but you look so far removed from what I would picture a burglar to look like that it's almost funny!

    On a serious note, I can totally see why taking photos helps you - keep going x x


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