Monday, 25 April 2016

No One Owes Me A Bean

I thought no one owes me a bean on the Internet , and I wish for simplicity at times , I wish at times I was borrowing Spectrum games from my friends ( mostly boys ) . A sudden realisation has come over me that I was in the in crowd ( but my in crowd was the out crowd and I never really fitted in at school )  , cycling round at break neck speed to borrow the latest game from one of my friends . Leaving my Mother wondering where the hell I was , bearing in mind this was the age before the age of the mobile fun so she rang every single boy on my Spectrum 48k list till she found me . If I had been in the pouty girl group this of course would have further dented my street cred . I was the girl with the bicycle the one that had 10 gears So I could whizz here and everywhere and it was my beloved Raleigh Wisp and it was a racer, the boys though how dear a girl have a 10 gear speed racer bike.

Sadly I no longer have my beloved bicycle but I do miss it greatly.

But I wasn't one of  the pouty girls I did like my music like AHA and a splattering of Duran Duran and so forth but I was very independent , that's not to say at times I didn't try and blend in but much to the horror of my mother I was up trees and jumping out of ground floor windows at Church youth club. I was the bespeckled girl living on a council estate going to the posh school ( an ex grammar school built for baby boomers) so just getting to school I was running the gauntlet from the kids on the estate going to the school of hard knocks. I was the one wandering along with my Latin book in hand pondering if I should cut through danger alley as I was running late for school . Staying individual is very much key to my survival at school and yes I was bullied like there was no normal but my bullies didn't define me.

I remember going to the Post Office to pay some money into my savings account and the lady in the post office pointing at the way I had written number 7 in the continental style saying

"What the hell is that  ?"

I remember saying

"That is my style and that is all that matters "

We can led our bad times drag us down and I hope people get more help nowadays I did get some help in my time but my individuality certainly helped , I defined myself .

Let no one define who you are .

Patience is indeed a great venture and good things come to those who wait ) except my cat who decided to get cross with the carpet again but that is a blog post for another day .

Patience was learnt through waiting for my Spectrum games to load it was the digital version of Russian roulette and the world was yours if the game did indeed load.

My name is Claire dedicated defier of Fashion

GOSH how forward was I .. indeed how forward I still am !


  1. I never fitted in at school - too weird for the 'in crowd', but as I got older I found my place and my people and am much more confident, if no more fashionable, now!

    1. My in crowd was the out crowd ! I am a much more confident person too

  2. I have always been a non-conformist. This is my way of saying that I never fitted in and that I didn't care!


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