Monday, 4 April 2016

Spring Budget Busting

 Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

I'm approaching that time in my life when I need to pull in the family budget with my son going to university . There's going to be an inevitable cost - IE parental contribution  . 

First cost to get looked into is the SKY cost , I know you can get other services but it is case of sticking to what you know . I know there are cheaper options but for the moment it's giving movies the heave ho etc . We've huge Sports fans here so the men folk want to keep the sport and it keeps them quiet so a win win really .

Everyone approaches budget busting in their own way and you might think budget busting can be akin too herding cats . The little and often approach truely is working for me.

Holidays and short breaks is another area which can bring you to your knees , last year we were really lucky in going to Washington DC 

Washington DC is a trip of a lifetime and there is so much to do family wise for free which is brilliant for frugal souls like myself. Also we were able to go Berlin 

due to a comping win and that was so welcome . This Easter saw us going to feed tigers at Woburn Safari park , go on a private jeep safari . Then we were able to round the safari park at our own leisure. I'll not lie I was extremely worried feeding the lions they are magnificent creatures. Such holidays , short breaks and treats have been achieved through comping , cash back sites such as Quidco and Top Cashback ( this is a referral link to Topcashback if you rather not use my referral link then please use this link to Topcashback which is referral free ). The Cashback sites give you cash back on things and products you normally buy from your food shopping to your insurance.

And of course everything stops for tea , this was something else I didn't have to pay for as I won it along with the trip to Woburn Safari Park.

Did you know that the afternoon tea was thought of by Duchess Anna Maria in the 1840's  as she thought the time between luncheon and dinner was to long and some sort of substance was needed, what a forefront thinking lady !

The Woburn Hotel is certainly a hotel we'd love to come back to for a special occasion coughs perhaps in 7 years when I'm 25 ;-) . The afternoon tea was exquisite and I can see that making lunch boxes will see me perhaps having to cut the crusts off sandwiches , this tea did  included various five of your day , strawberry , cress etc ...

You'll probably still wondering why there is a picture of glorious Yorkshire Puddings at the top of this post ?! well that will be because I actually made my own Yorkshire Puddings , I'm really sorry but I've put Aunt B in a very nice care house home where I'll sure she'll make instant friends!

The recipe I followed on this was Mary Berry  s and I think the trick to the success of the mighty rise is the extra egg , though my Nan could make anything rise ( gosh doesn't that sound so very Frankie Howard?!) 

So this will certainly be a budget busting recipe for when he is had university ! And of course I'm sure he will be making my recipe from the other day Sticky Noodles with Beef.


  1. Wow. They are monster yorkies! I've never really understood the whole buy yorkshire puddings thing anyway, same with roast potatoes. Good luck with the budgeting. Haven't been to Woburn for years, might have to take the kids.

  2. OOOHH those yorkies look delicious!
    Glad you enjoyed woburn we live in the village and get to enjoy lots of afternoon teas! x

  3. Some top tips for saving money and what a fab prize - I could eat that afternoon tea about now!

  4. Oh those yorkshire puddings look amazing as dos that afternoon tea!!

  5. I love yorkshire puddings with gravy and mash potatoes.. yum yum. :) And great travels. Berlin is my favourite city to go to. :)


  6. I want your homemade yorkshire pudding and the afternoon tea sounds fab

  7. Love your Yorkshire puddings, congrats on the win, and we loved our trip to Woburn Safari park too - we knew it was unlikely we'd ever make it on a real safari!

  8. Homemade Yorkshire Puds are definitely the best ;-)

    Have you tried calling Sky to get them to reduce your price - they reduced ours massively when we called to cancel x

  9. We always make our own, once you start there is no going back. I am with Cass, ring and say you are going to cancel and they will reduce it

  10. Oh my goodness, that afternoon tea looks delicious and I LOVE Yorkshire Puddings so much!

  11. I'm ashamed to say I've never made my own youkshire puddings - really must try one day. The Woburn afternoon tea looks lovely x


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