Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The First Step To University

The First Step To University

We are just beginning our journey to the world of University and I promise you it won't be posts about empty nest syndrome I am not that type of person , and anyway I will be able to Facebook him , text him and so for * insert wink emoji ( to show hipness ) Really the journey to University starts before they get to 6th when they are seeing what avenues lay before they indeed you don;t have to go to 6th form to get to University it is one of the many routes that you can take.

The first stage is going to really get an idea of career straight after GCSEs but as in our case this has been subject to change , they need to have some idea as this will have a bearing on the A levels they will take. Initially with A levels they'll choose 4 subjects with the option to drop one after the first year of A levels , currently it is looking like J will be dropping Biology but we'll see after exam results .

They will have access to more information at school then they will tell you , trying to get any information out of a teenager is like trying to get blood out of a stone . Also there will be U C A S fairs where they will be bombarded with literature from various universities all scrambling for their attention. This is hopefully where your teen will finally decide upon a career or least a degree subject they wish to study .

We've just about finished the first year of A levels and been through the trauma of exams and it's bloody hard I tell you the whole family is on edge till the exams are finished , then they launch into the start of second year of A levels before summer.

And we've just started driving lessons that is a whole level of worry and expense at the same time but teens seems to have this inner level of courage and calm they can tap into !!


  1. Good luck to J and tell him not all careers advisors know what they're doing. Our daughter wanted to be a solicitor and was advised that being a legal secretary was a good job for a girl!!!!! S0d that, she thought, and got unconditional offers on all the unis she applied to ending up with a great career in law.

  2. Wow, the university years! I don't feel like it is that long since that was me and I only have about 5 years until my own child will be at this stage. Good luck to him, he'll have the time of his life!

  3. It sounds like you have a lot of change a head, good luck with getting ready for uni with you son! x

  4. It's a long time yet before either of my two will be this age but if the fees stay at the same level neither of them will be going!

  5. Good Luck, I am sure he will have a brilliant time, remember it well from leaving myself, but now my kids going is closer in time - how did that happen??

  6. I'm dreading the day when my two are at this age x x


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