Friday, 24 June 2016

How To Tackle Cat Smells

A cat communicates in various ways from the cute meowing to the adorable head nestling and head butting but then there is the scent marking . The scent marking which for the cat is communication  but for us owners it is a rather smelly issue and unwelcome habit, especially when it is rather to close for home for example on our front doors.

I'll have to deal with those smelly trainers as well !

These pet smells are really one we can live without , however a stiff talking to your cat will not warrant the result you might one and everyone knows that cats are aloof and will ignore your every word anyway.

My cats Jack and Rollie have a habit of going of the front door and then coming in through their cat flap , it's a habit they have tricked us into as why waste time going through the cat flip when your human being will open the door for you.

Dealing With Cat Urine Smells

1. Water down the area where the cat urine/waste is , keep rinsing till the smell goes , the more porous the surface is the longer the rinsing will take.

2. Put on some disposable gloves and get a scrubbing brush along with some soap and water ( i.e. washing up liquid and water ) If male cats can still smell the area they will return and the misery will start all over again.

3. Use an enzyme based cleaner ( from your local pet shop ) to breakdown and completely remove the odour that is associated with cat urine. Or you could make up your own solution that will pretty much work in the same way do this by mixing 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts water to remove all traces of the cat urine.

We have other problems having cats and that is they can't be rather smelly when they are damp and if they get caught in the rain we make sure we pat them dry with kitchen towel especially those cuddly little paws. We also have a long door mat near the cat flap that can trap most of the dirt when they come in , despite my efforts they are not ones for wiping their paws.

Of course you might initially left with the smell clinging on inside the house as I know we did , we used such products as Febreze to tackle the smells around the door area as quite understandably this is a high traffic area. We also make sure we now have an air freshener such as Ambi Pur in the hallway on the telephone table which is quite near to the door , this always helps when it is rugby season and we have damp clothes and rugby boots all over the place.

Vacuum Vacuum and Vacuum !

Regular vacuuming rally does make a huge difference in the smell of your house , make sure your vacuum those carpets,sofas , rugs chairs and even the curtain to get of the cat hair. And bicarbonate of soda sprinkled onto your carpets will freshen them up ( leave the bicarbonate of soda on the carpet for an hour the vacuum up , make sure the cat is out the way.)

Keep your cat groomed

As Rollie is a particularly fluffy cat we keep him groomed by brushing him regularly I am amazed how much fluff can come off him , it is almost like we have a another cat after a grooming season.

Wash your cats bedding

Make sure washing your cats bedding becomes a regular habit . You might not think can it smell but combine that with cat hair, int and damp paws that have been who knows where will start to contribute to smelly bedding. I do suggest you buy a laundry bag to put your cat bedding is as just throwing in your washing machine will leave some cat hair behind and apparently this isn't a trendy look for the office so my husband says.

Clean those food Bowls

I don't leave the cats food out for too long a time and I keep their food area clean , annoyingly my cats are messy eaters . I keep my cats water fountain clean and regular change the filter in it,  as it gets clogged up with hair and dirt ( one of my cats likes to paw at the water )

I know I have cats but I do have friends with dogs and they find it useful to look on line with how to cope with those dog smells.

'This post is brought to you by me and my cats

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